Here’s Our Interview With Billy, The WorldstarHipHop Knicks Fan

Billy, the passionate New York Knicks fan from Indiana has spoken. As a life-long supporter of the Knicks, Billy blasted the team’s lack of heart after their 41-point loss (at Madison Square Garden) against the Boston Celtics. One of Billy’s most valid claims — in a 10-minute video he posted to WorldStarHipHop — addressed the embarrassing reality that the Knicks are the second highest paid team in the National Basketball Association with the worst win-loss record.

The Knicks’ ongoing drama isn’t new. Especially this season when the morale of fans is at an all-time low, to hear Billy call out names from his beloved Carmelo Anthony to Iman Shumpert, should put a fire under anyone who has ever worn Orange and Blue. His take on the Knicks is more objective than anything you could hear on ESPN’s First Take. We caught up with Billy this week to talk about the state of affairs not just with the Knicks, but also about the struggles of New York sports. He is originally a native of Newburgh, upstate NY. Listen has he retells the scene of last year’s loss against the Indiana Pacers in Game 6 of the Eastern Conference Semi-finals. Billy is speaking from the heart.

(this was recorded prior to last night’s game)

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