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GAME RECAP: Thunder 123, Knicks 94

Merry Christmas, everyone.

Today our Knicks hosted Kevin Durant and the Oklahoma City Thunder in a 2:30 PM matinee, and despite the final score, the first quarter gave us reason to believe this would at least be a competitive game. Defensive issues aside, New York played loose, moved the ball, and went blow for blow with the second best team in the western conference for 12 solid minutes.

Over the next 36 minutes, though, we would see our boys revert back to the dumpster fire of a team we’ve grown accustomed to watching this season. Not a whole bunch to analyze here: shorthanded (no Melo or Felton), out-gunned and playing plodding, big lineups against a fast team isn’t a recipe for success. But at the heart of this one, we simply saw a possible finals team taking care of business against a much lesser opponent.


  • I woke up to a voicemail from my 8-year old nephew, thanking me profusely for getting him the Ninja Turtle Lego set he’s wanted for months. That was pretty great.
  • My dad cooked his famous Christmas ham and it was ESPECIALLY delicious this year. I even made you guys plates. You’re welcome.
  • Speaking of dad, the classic “cologne & socks” combo did the job yet again this Christmas. Currently shooting 60% from the field with my gift giving this year, 54% for my career.


  • The Knicks had to play a professional basketball game.
  • After losing said game by 29 points, I realized that Bargs (4-8/9 points) only played 16 minutes and didn’t see the court in the 4th, as opposed to Tyson “fresh off a broken leg” Chandler who finished with 29 minutes and was still on the court late in closing quarter. Woodson’s rotations continue to confuse. I hope Tyson doesn’t end up paying the price for his coach’s transgressions.
  • JR Smith had more shots (22) than points (20). He also led the team in minutes played with 38. *MJ shrug*
  • It’s one thing to be totally outmatched, it’s another to just roll with the punches and take the whooping in stride. Many Knicks today were guilty of just that. The losing is one thing, but the sheer lack of fight may end up being the deciding factor regarding whether or not Woodson has a job next month. He is losing this locker room.


  • I’m not even kidding about the Woodson losing the locker-room stuff. Take a look at this collection of post game quotes from Beno Udrih, via Chris Herring of the Wall Street Journal:
  • Fun!
  • The Knicks will take on the Raptors this Friday at 7:00 PM.
  • Truelifestories

    Woodson lost the locker room weeks ago.