Detroit Pistons v New York Knicks

GAME RECAP: Knicks 89, Pistons 85

I’m sorry, but am I actually recapping a win? This is weird. I almost don’t know what to do right now.

The Pistons (14-21) had dropped six of their last seven games coming into last night’s affair, while the Knicks (12-22) had just danced a Texas two-step, winning two out of three down in the Lone Star State, so there was reason to believe that New York could take this game.

For some reason, the Knicks seemed to favor the odd quarters last night, opening up strong right out of the gate to start the game and also after the half, while completely falling apart in the second and fourth quarters. It was so bad that the Knicks missed 23 out of 28 shots in the second quarter. And not to be outdone, they nearly blew a 14-point lead in the final quarter, but didn’t only because Detroit is so awful at shooting the basketball when they’re not within five feet of the basket. It felt like we were watching a bunch of drunk guys trying to play a pick up game with a slightly deflated basketball. Players from both teams were missing shots so badly that they were either bricking them off the side of the rim or avoiding the rim completely; guys were tripping over each other and tumbling onto the court, and even worse, easy layups and dunks were being missed.

I’m really beginning to wonder if there is something at MSG that’s making the Knicks play so badly there because it is truly amazing to watch and not in a good way.

And can I confess something? A part of me was hoping that the Knicks would lose last night so I continue my winless streak and become the first Knicks blogger in the history of the world to write nothing but losing recaps for an entire season. Alas, it was not meant to be and I am now 1-7 this season.


  • Bargs (That’s what we call him, right?) started the game off strong by scoring nine points on 4-6 shooting in the first quarter. That torrid pace slowed down considerably, but he still finished with a team-high +17 and scored 13 points, while, and perhaps more importantly, grabbing 11 rebounds.
  • I was really enjoying watching Kenyon Martin passing to his teammates last night. He finished with five assists in his 30 minutes of work and added six points and seven rebounds. He did a nice job in Chandler’s place while Tyson recovers from the plague or whatever it is that’s going around the Knicks’ locker room.
  • M3LO! I probably should have listed him first, but I listed him third and do you know why? Because he was hitting threes like a boss. In fact, he hit three of them in a row in the third quarter as a part of a what ended up being a 15-0 run to give them a 62-49 lead. And not only was Melo great offensively – he finished with 34 points – he was also pesky on the defensive end. He had four steals and had a hand in a bunch of deflections. (Get it?)
  • So no one really expected Iman Shumpert’s crazy Texas scoring streak to continue and it didn’t (he scored five points on 2-8 shooting). But, while he may not have been scoring all that much, Shump was doing work on the boards and defensively. He finished with six rebounds and two steals.
  • Raymond Felton made his return. He scored 12 points, had six assists and he didn’t have any post-injury sluggishness. More on him below.


  • Yes, Felton was back and he wasn’t all bad but my goodness, can that guy ever drive to the rim without looking like he’s completely out of control? Also, can he try to avoid making ridiculously careless turnovers in the waning moments of the game when the team is clinging to a scant lead?
  • Amar’e Stoudemire made a pretty nifty baseline dunk that included a spin. Other than that, he was useless and letting guys much shorter than him drive to the basket with ease. Sigh.
  • Hey Coach Woodson, what the hell does J.R. Smith have to do to get taken out of a game? Untie someone’s sneakers? No. Make awful shots at awful moments? No. Commit silly turnovers? Nope. What does Toure Murry have to do to be taken out of a game? Breathe? Oh, alright, then. I guess it’s a good thing that Smith was 2-6 shooting last night and that he didn’t take 16 ill-advised shots.
  • The Knicks were awful in the fourth quarter. Detroit outscored them 26-17 and if it weren’t for the fact that they shoot worse than blindfolded toddlers, the Knicks could have been looking at a really disheartening loss.
  • More fourth quarter ickiness: The Knicks had six turnovers in the first three quarters and had eight in the fourth quarter. I guess you can be that sloppy against a team like Detroit but it won’t be fun to see that sort of careless play against the Heat on Thursday.


  • Clyde Frazier doesn’t wear coats. The country is in the midst of being swallowed by a polar vortex or whatever and Mr. Frazier can’t be bothered with a bulky coat. He’s the best.
  • Apparently J.R. Smith was trying to untie more shoelaces tonight. What is his problem anyway? He’s a menace.
  • The Knicks are playing the Heat on Thursday night at 8 P.M. on TNT and it was reported on Twitter by nearly every single beat writer in the locker room that Carmelo Anthony had no idea Miami was their next opponent. It must be nice being Melo.