GAME RECAP: Heat 108 Knicks 82


No one really expected the Knicks (21-37) to win last night’s against the Heat (41-14) and if someone says they did, well, they are a lying liar who lies.

Honestly, this game could have gone either way for the Knicks. It could have been one of those last second, or at least last few moments, losses that we have seen way too many times this season or it could have been a blowout which we have also seen too many times this season, you know, because they’ve lost 37 games. They went with the latter last night though I’m not sure they even had a choice in the matter.

LeBron James came back for the first time since sustaining a broken nose, wearing a mask that was both pretty badass and menacing and he did what he does best: led his team to victory.

The Knicks kept it interesting until the third quarter when the Heat were like, “Okay, forget this nonsense, that team over there in the white uniforms is putrid and the game shouldn’t be this close. Let’s light em’ up.”

And light em’ up they did. They pulled away in the third quarter and the Knicks had no chance. It was just ugly to witness and I really can’t take it anymore. I’ve had enough. I surrender.


  • Anthony scored 29 and had seven rebounds.
  • Tyson Chandler finished with 16 rebounds.
  • The Knicks kept it close during the first half and didn’t look completely inept at playing basketball. (That happened after halftime.)


  • Well, first of all, the Knicks flying down to Miami and showing up to the arena is something that went wrong. Why are they even bothering at this point? They should just forfeit the rest of the season and save us from the embarrassment of having to watch them “play.” They are 2-9 in their last 11 games.
  • When the Heat went up 64-61 in the third quarter, they closed it out with a 23-3 run.
  • The Heat shot 60.8 percent from the field and were 6-15 from three.
  • The Knicks shot 37.3 percent from the field and were, get ready for this because even I can’t believe it, 4-23 from three.
  • LeBron’s mask didn’t impede his ability to shoot the ball at all. He scored 31 points and was 13-19 from the field. (Good Lord, man.)
  • Dwyane Wade scored 23 points on 10-13 shooting. that’s not a typo.
  • Anthony, while good in the first half, was held scoreless in the last 21 minutes of the game. The Knicks can’t win or even make a game interesting if Melo’s shut down like that.
  • When they were down by double digits and everyone (and their mothers) knew the Knicks had no chance of making a comeback, Mike Woodson still insisted on keeping Melo in the game. Hey, dumbass, there’s another game tonight and you are running him ragged. Stop.
  • Poor Tim Hardaway Jr. It was his homecoming and he missed his first seven three-point attempts and finished 2-15 for a -35. In fact, the only Knicks player to finish with a positive +/- was Jeremy Tyler who had a +1 in his nearly seven minutes of playing time.
  • Amare Stoudemire was essentially useless in his almost 20 minutes of play and I’m not sure why Woodson kept him in so long because he had as many fouls as he had rebounds (3). Actually, why am I questioning anything Mike Woodson does these days? There seems to be no rhyme or reason to any of it. It’s like flinging poo to a wall and seeing if it sticks. IT’S NOT STICKING, MIKE.


  • The talk of the game was LeBron’s face mask because the game itself was terrible.
  • This game was so bad I cannot even come up with anything else to say. Well, the Knicks have finally done it, they’ve killed my spirit.
  • Up next for the Knicks, tonight vs. Warriors at home. So how many points will Steph Curry score this time? 60? 65? Have fun at MSG, everyone!