GAME RECAP: Knicks 123, Sixers 110

The Knicks’ crusade to sink their claws back into my heart continues.

Last night, the Knicks kept their faint playoff hopes alive with a 123-110 victory over the tank battalion formerly known as the Philadelphia 76′ers. Now losers of 17 straight, it’s clear as day that just about everyone on that roster would rather be at home catching up on True Detective or eating Chipotle (not that I blame them), but they’re kinda contractually obligated to show up and dress so them’s the brakes.

All jokes aside, the Sixers actually put up a fight for most of the game, as they built a 12 point lead in the 2nd quarter which led to A LOT of uncomfortable shifting in couches for Knick faithful. Michael Carter-Williams is gonna be a REALLY good player, guys. Seriously, it’s like he printed out all my tweets about Kelly Olynyk being a lock for ROTY and taped them to the inside of his locker. But eventually, Philly yielded to the combined strength of Hardaway’s 3-point shooting and Amare’s thunderous finishes at the rim.


  • With Tyson away from the team for personal reasons, Amare started at center last night. While his defense still left something to be desired, his offensive contributions over these past 5 games have been an absolute delight. Amare racked up 23 points on just 10 shots to go along with 6 rebounds in 30 minutes.
  • If Hardaway has hit what many call the “rookie wall”, last night he pole vaulted over it. The rook was cooking with gas all game as he hit 5 three pointers and sprinkled in a couple acrobatic finishes at the rim to end with a team high 28 points.
  • Melo is obviously still sick and it’s affecting his J somewhat, but despite his wonky shot, he found other ways to contribute. 9 rebounds and 5 assists make a healthy line even if he’s not. Now someone get this man some soup.


  • As was previously mentioned, Tyson was absent tonight due to personal matters. No word yet on what’s happening, but we all hope our guy is ok.
  • The Jazz lost to the Hawks. Utah continues to suck.


  • The last time the Knicks had four 20-point scorers in a game was against the Boston Celtics on April 12, 2012. Those 4 players? Melo, JR, Tyson…and Novak. (weeps)
  • The Knicks travel to TD Garden on Wed for a 7:30 PM matchup with the Boston Celtics.


  • Knickfan4life

    It’s a great thing that Amare is playing well. He’s in the post and it’s commanding double teams. This leaves Melo and JR open! Also MELO AMARE has been playing well. LOOK at melo’s assists now.
    I can’t believe your still knocking on Amare’s defense. The guy is playing well defensively in the past 5 games. ASK WALT CLYDE FRAZIER ON THAT!