This Week in Knicksland

So much intrigue is happening now that the Knicks have hung them up for the season. This weekly series is here to help you keep track of it all.

Last week, the ongoings of the Knicks looked like a Game of Thrones plotline. That sets up for plenty of speculation as to what will happen next. Melo takes a vacation, Amar’e shares his thoughts, and Steve Kerr emerges as the favorite to replace Mike Woodson. Meanwhile, on the West Coast…

1. Sterling Comments & Ousting

Knicks fans are used to an owner making headlines. But the Donald Sterling saga? Unimaginable.

James Dolan applauded Commissioner Silver for acting quickly and decisively in appropriately addressing these disgusting and offensive comments.”

Mike Woodson, jobless at the hands of Phil Jackson’s overhaul, said he wouldn’t coach for a Donald Sterling-owned team.


2. Tyson Chandler at L.A. City Hall

Tyson Chandler was part of a group of current and former players who stood behind Kevin Johnson (literally and figuratively) at L.A. City Hall, issuing a statement supporting Adam Silver’s lifetime ban of Sterling.

Image: Kelvin Kuo, USA Today Sports


Tyson was the one not wearing a collared shirt and looking like a crew member of the Nebuchadnezzar. In his defense, we’ve all gone to an event thinking a nice t-shirt felt appropriate, only to arrive and realize that the entire room has out-dressed you by a wide margin.


3. Amar’e on Dan Patrick show

STAT has never shied away from weighing in on race, religion, and politics. He told Patrick that Adam Silver did “a fair job” in his handling of the Sterling situation and that it is important for the NBA to “protect the brand”.

He also said he has not spoken to Carmelo, and called Melo’s free agency “a touchy situation”. He added: “I know for a fact Carmelo wants to win…it’s up to him to figure out where he wants to win at”.

He also cooked for Dan & his crew in the second half of the segment.

4. Carmelo Thinks it Over

Melo has remained quiet on the Sterling issue, perhaps because he spent most of the past week in Turks and Caicos with La La and their son.

Maybe the beach gave him clarity on his future. Maybe he sat in a beach chair with a recommended read from Phil. That much we can only guess at. What we do know is that he caught a shark. Probably not the best way to rehab your shoulder, as Frank Isola tweeted, but hey, “when in Turks…”.


5. Melo & Phil Dine Together



Oh, to be a fly on that breadbasket.

Back from vacation, Melo sat down to dinner with Phil at American Cut Steakhouse in TriBeCa. Unless the entire dinner was dedicated to discussing that aforementioned book recommendation, the current Knick and the former Knick most likely discussed the future of the Knicks. Specifically, it is believed that they discussed Carmelo’s free agency as well as who will be pursued for the head coach position.

6. Knicks Closing In on Kerr

Melo, Phil, Kerr. The name of the game this week is “speculation.”

Ian Begley told ESPN Radio’s Colin Cowherd on Wednesday that the Knicks want to ink a deal with Kerr before a job like Golden State or Oklahoma City opens up, depending on how the first round plays out (and subsequently, what the losers choose to do with their head coaches).

Conversely, though, the suspicion is that Kerr wants to give it some time for the very same reason, to consider his options beyond the Knicks.

Kerr also has his role broadcasting the playoffs with TNT, which could complicate or delay the process.



-Andrea Bargnani tweeted something in Italian that included the word “Commisioner”, but it appears to be lost in translation.

-Bulls ousted in 5 games with a dearth of scoring, leading to speculation that this showing is clear proof of the Bulls need and want for Carmelo to don the red and black next season.

-The Knicks aren’t entirely out of the playoffs: Heard consistently during the NBA playoffs: “this is the best first round in years…and the Knicks, Celtics, and Lakers are nowhere to be found

-Jamal Crawford wins NBA’s Sixth Man of the Year Award, which means nothing to Knicks fans, except serving as a cruel reminder of the sub-par season that last year’s Sixth Man of the Year award turned in.