This Week in Knicksland

So much intrigue is happening now that the Knicks have hung them up for the season. This weekly series is here to help you keep track of it all. 

Last week was all about anticipation, and that continued this week as whispers of Steve Kerr finally taking the Knicks head coaching job grew louder. That is, until Wednesday night, when the whispers fell to silence as Kerr decided to plant roots on the opposite coast with Golden State.

1. The Decision

It happened Wednesday night as LeBron was dispatching the Nets: Steve Kerr accepts a 5 year-deal for $25 million to coach the Golden State Warriors.

The Mark Jackson Domino changed everything after all. Had the Warriors decided not to show Mark Jackson the door, it sounds like the Knicks would have been Kerr’s next option. Stan Van Gundy accepting the Detroit Pistons job on Tuesday left the door open.

Kerr says the Knicks job is “too far”. He means too far from home, but Knicks fans are left to wonder what exactly the Knicks job is too far from that would keep Steve Kerr away.

2. Who’s Next?



Steve Kerr’s character was officially killed off in the drama of the Knicks offseason. Who is going to emerge as the next intriguing option to keep an eye on?

Part of the disappointment among Knicks fans lies in the lack of other exciting options. As of yet, we have not heard much of other candidates on Phil Jackson’s list, but maybe that’s just how he operates. Some people are multi-taskers, while others are more singularly focused.

ESPN’s Ramona Shelburne cited Derek Fisher and Kurt Rambis as two potential candidates among a lengthy list, while Stephen A. Smith thinks that Phil Jackson should bring this carousel full circle and give Mark Jackson a call. Frank Isola on SI Now re-iterated the fact that there’s basically no plan B, as far as anyone watching the situation can tell.

Finally, Howard Beck guessed that Phil’s next choice will be a curveball to all those in the business of speculating:

3. Melo Boxing

What have the players been up to while their head coach – or lack thereof – remains a major talking point in the NBA?

Carmelo has been boxing with his trainer Hino Ehikhamenor as part of his offseason training regimen. Meanwhile, One of his other trainers, Ivan Radin, was busy getting profiled in the New Yorker.

4. Melo at Upfronts

Melo was also present at ESPN’s Upfront along with Matt Harvey and Adrian Peterson, and he appeared on stage alongside the cast of “First Take”, to much fanfare.

5. Nothin to See Here (?)

There’s plenty of excitement in Chicago for the NBA Combine. Lots of future Knick opponents, and very few future Knicks, as they do not have a first or second round pick. But Bleacher Report’s Jim Cavan reports that they could be in the market to purchase a second round pick before all is said and done.


-J.R. Smith is still playing golf and not playing in (or watching, even) the playoffs. In fact, he has played every day since the season ended, he told Golf Digest, and shows no sign of stopping. The most Knick related question asked of him by G.D. had to do with Phil Jackson:

Obviously, this past season was disappointing, but with Phil Jackson coming in, are you excited about the team’s future?
I’m extremely excited. Phil is a championship coach, of course, a championship guy. He’s won so many times, so I’m eager to see what he does.

-Somewhere in the far corners of the Knick consciousness, the Rangers are bringing the conference finals to the Garden.

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