This Week in Knicksland

So much intrigue is happening now that the Knicks have hung them up for the season. This weekly series is here to help you keep track of it all. 

Here’s the scene: Carmelo Anthony sitting at home, reading all the speculation on who the next Knicks head coach will be. Cut to all of the coaches rumored to be in the running, sitting at home reading all the speculation on whether Carmelo will remain in New York or go. Then finally we see Phil Jackson, trying to control the story, reassuring each side that the other will fall into place. What chip will fall first?

1. Rumor Mill Round-Up

What we do know is that there has to be a head coach for opening night.

Beyond that is anyone’s guess right now.

Late last week, ESPN’s Scott Van Pelt and Ryen Russillo theorized that Phil is going to take someone he really meshes with, whatever that means. If you choose to believe that, that points to an ex-player of Jacksons or Mike Dunleavy, not Mark Jackson or Jeff Van Gundy.

Mike Dunleavy: Phil Jackson’s sit down with Mike Dunleavy could have been very important, or could have just been an old man hang out. This week, Dunleavy said he “hopes to get Knicks job”. He’s not putting all his eggs in that basket, however, as he has also been talking to the Lakers about their head coaching vacancy.

Rick Fox: If you hadn’t mentioned the name Rick Fox up to this point (I hadn’t), you were doing it wrong. But he surfaced this week, in a fashion that Seth Rosenthal aptly called “The Most May 2014 Knicks Headline Imaginable”. Apparently he thinks the Knicks’ best option is Phil himself, but also stated that he’d be interested in the job if Phil came calling.

Brian Shaw: The New York Post’s Marc Berman reports that Phil Jackson prefers Brian Shaw to Derek Fisher for the job (which makes sense, since Shaw has head-coaching experience and Fisher has zero coaching experience), but Shaw seems like a longshot given his current job with Denver. So Fisher is the favorite out of candidates who could at this point still be interested in the job.


2. Fisher the Non-Traditional Leading Candidate

The name Derek Fisher has risen above the other candidate noise. But seeing as though he’s still active in the Thunder’s playoff run, it’s noise all the same, for now.

What we know: he’s remained quiet on the matter, focusing only on San Antonio. There have been no “sources say” leads on where his interest lie beyond this postseason. But everyone who has been around him raves about him, including Kobe and Kevin Durant.

What we also know: The Knicks won’t be his only suitor. The Knicks can offer Phil Jackson’s expertise, but the Lakers are the team on which Fisher won 5 rings as a player.

3. Felton’s Court Date

You may remember Raymond Felton getting arrested in late February on two felony weapons charges. His court date is this Monday, June 2nd. All that is known is that New York state has some of the strictest gun laws in the country. Look for his name to re-appear in the news cycle for all the wrong reasons starting Monday.

This could throw a wrench in Phil Jackson’s expressed plan of trading Felton this offseason.

4. THJ All-Rookie

In brighter backcourt news, Tim Hardaway Jr was named to the All-Rookie First Team.

5. And So It Begins

Report: Carmelo Anthony meets with reps about free-agency

— SI Wire (@SI_Wire) May 27, 2014

Original known attendees were Worldwide Wes, Leon Rose, and some of Melo’s entourage. But Marc Berman reported that Knicks officials attended that same dinner, which, if true, would have given the discussions a different direction.

What we’re really curious about: Does that mean Melo did not attend the Kardash-Ye wedding on Saturday in Florence with wife La La? We know she was there, but Melo has not been included on any “attendee” lists after the fact, despite there being a general assumption that he would be there with his wife. It seems unlikely that he made the trans-Atlantic flight immediately after this “strategy dinner” in time for the nuptials.



-The Knicks have some pre-draft workouts scheduled. With no picks, if they like a player, they have to hope he goes undrafted so that they could then sign him.

-Tour’e Murry has interest around the league, apparently.

-Frank Isola rips Madison Square Garden and the Knicks’ treatment of the media in a “SI Roundtable“.


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