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This Week in Knicksland

So much intrigue is happening now that the Knicks have hung them up for the season. This weekly series is here to help you keep track of it all. 

The Knicks storylines will eventually take a break for the summer…but no one can honestly predict when that will be. That hasn’t stopped certain characters in this traveling road show  from enjoying the sun and putting summer plans in place. The Knicks, like the rest of us, are just trying to get things squared away for the summer. 

1. Phil’s Plan

Phil Jackson will be heading to Turkey for a week in mid-June for his son’s wedding, as Marc Berman reports. Before he hops on that flight, here’s what we know:

Yes, Phil has a lot going on and a lot of things on his plate. One thing that is certain amidst all of this is that the official  NBA Betting odds for the Knicks next season will be all over the place until this gets settled.

2. Dolan Stays Away?

While Phil Jackson works hard before stepping away from the office for awhile, Knicks fans are hoping that James Dolan never stops by. He told WFAN radio that he is staying hands-off on the coaching search as well as the handling of Melo’s free agency.

Whenever James Dolan comes into view, Frank Isola isn’t far behind:

3. Melo not All-NBA

The All-NBA teams were released this week, and Melo was on the list…of those also receiving votes. Anthony, who has been 2nd and 3rd team before, but never 1st thanks to his buddy down in South Beach, would have almost certainly made his way onto the 3rd team this year if the Knicks record had been better.

4. Number 33

Know who made a few All-NBA teams in his day? Patrick Ewing. He said in an interview that he would “love to go back to New York” to coach, though he is aware he might not be high on Phil Jackson’s or the front office’s list.

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5. Felton Near Plea Deal

Here’s what we know: The Raymond Felton court proceedings have gotten underway, and there is apparently a “plea deal” already being worked out.

Everything else is unclear, especially the punishment Felton could be facing.

Phil Jackson has told Felton that he will be trying to trade him. The question remains whether any team will want to take him, regardless of how his court case pans out.


Knick Knacks:

An entire Knick Knacks section dedicated to Melo’s 30th birthday last week:

-Celebrated at dinner in style with Nas and a $35k bottle of champagne. Chris Paul conferenced in and, on speakerphone joked, “We have a new owner. Sign with the Clippers!”

-Got a Corvette Stingray from wife La La:

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-Took a quick trip to the Bahamas with the family to celebrate:

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-Will be in the top 20 fastest to reach 20,000 points next season, at 30 years old, 792 games, and 11 seasons into his carerr.


(Featured photo and Photos via La La’s Instagram)