New York Knicks Nostalgia by Jamil GS


The 2013-14 NBA season for the New York Knicks was like drinking a full glass of the Gowanus Canal—toxic. The team missed the playoffs this year after a previous monumental 54-win season; until president Phil Jackson, head coach Derek Fisher and the Knicks’ third missing piece can right the ship, the sweet taste of victory lies in nostalgia for when the Knicks were in the driver’s seat.

A throwback snapshot of a high-heeled lady wearing an Anthony Mason jersey (No. 14) straddling the back seat of a New York City yellow taxi cab gets tongue in cheek with the idea of the Knicks being on top. Photographer Jamil GS was behind the camera in 2002 to shoot the model for the 5 Boros calendar, sponsored by Premium Goods. Reminiscing about the calendar, Jamil said.

“As an artist I maintained the ability to see the beauty in things, in particular the fact that New York is the most photogenic city in the world, with or without the Twin Towers. New York also prides itself with the most beautiful women in the world, and it was my duty to remind and share this fact with the world, so the outcome was an homage to my beloved city, its women and the 5 boros.” – via 12ozProphet

Her pose was on the money, all the way down to the dollar bill prints on her fuck me pumps. The provocative print is as iconic as Jamil’s other work like the Supreme 2001 calendar, and editorial spreads for Complex and KING magazine. This print titled “CAB’N STAB’N”, inspired by Super Cat’s rough sex anthem is now a an all-over print design you can wear courtesy of Jamil’s new apparel and accessory line called Nectar.

Given the fruit-flavored theme, don’t confuse Nectar with with the Knicks citrus-colored jerseys from last year, that some fans believe to be a bad omen. You have to trust that this tee from Jamil’s Nectar line will help bring sexy back to New York fans. Buy this NYC homage here, and toast to the Knicks’ bright future ahead.