Thank You, Tyson

Dear Tyson Chandler,

You came to New York when they absolutely needed you. The Knicks were slacking defensively and looked lost constantly. Then you came around and you added a ferocious presence in the paint. Because of that you were able to receive your first Defensive Player of the Year Award in 2012. You were the focus of many highlight reels during the Linsanity era and for a while it appeared that the real “Lob City” was on the east coast. You, then, led the Knicks to two playoff appearances and we thank you for that. Injuries plagued your final season with the Knickerbockers, but that didn’t stop you from continuing to be a rebounding beast. Oh, and you also developed a little bit of a jump shot, too! Even though this past season ended rather abruptly, you were still one of our best and most beloved players.

We know Dallas was the city where you shined the most. You led them to an improbable championship victory over the Miami Heat and you were the city’s hero. Now, you’re back with them with hopes of repeating those steps yet again. Best of luck in Dallas, Tyson, and we’ll miss you.

But before you go, take a look at this highlight reel.

The Knicks Wall

(h/t to Oakley & Allen for yet another fantastic video)