Carmelo Anthony To Return To Knicks? Looks Imminent!

According to the NY Daily News, Carmelo Anthony will accept the Knicks five-year, $129 million offer that Phil Jackson verbally presented to him Thursday in Los Angeles. While Melo has yet to accept it, the Daily News reports that the announcement is imminent and should surface within the next 48 hours.

This comes on the heels of Yahoo! Sports’ report that Carmelo left Thursday’s meeting “largely aligned” with Phil Jackson’s vision to restore the Knicks as a contender. Melo came to the meeting stocked with questions for both Phil Jackson and Derek Fisher and left convinced that he wouldn’t be “alone on the court,” which, according to one official involved in the recruitment process, was a major concern of Anthony’s.

The one hold up in Melo’s potential decision is none other than LeBron James, who could still decide to part ways with the Miami Heat and approach Melo about teaming up. While this appears to be quite unlikely, it’s still a possibility that Melo appears to be keeping his mind open to, and the lone threat to Melo’s return to New York.