Lakers are “in the game” for Melo

Bill Simmons is notorious for reporting what he’s hearing on Twitter. More often than not, though, these “reports” result in nothing. However, after by Yahoo! Sports confirmed his tweet, it appears Simmons was actually hearing something legitimate: the Los Angeles Lakers have made a “major impact on Melo this week.” Wojnarowski followed up by saying the Lakers were “in the game now.”

One thing attracting Anthony to the west coast, according to Woj, is the Lakers’ ability to present Carmelo Anthony a max offer without making any roster moves.

From an outsiders’ point of view, a move to Los Angeles doesn’t quite make sense for Melo, as (1) he would be in no better position to win than New York and (2) would be making less than in New York. So, unless LaLa really wants to end up in Hollywood, I’d be surprised if Melo ended up ultimately picking LA. Alas, it appears these reports have some legs, so who knows!

By the way, according to Robert Raiola: On a $129 million deal in New York, Melo would net ~$66.7 million, while, based on a $97 million deal in Los Angeles, Melo would net ~$49.8 million. With a gloomy outlook in both cities, money talks.

Hopefully the Melo-drama winds down in the next day or so.

  • geoAZ

    Remember, the Lakers have a secret ingredient, Jimmy Buss, Jimmy Dolan, without nearly as much moola !!

    Phil’s going to win either way, he’ll build a winner with ‘Melo or without him and he’s made it clear he can and will go either way !

  • Rebecca Rini

    When will this drama end? I hear Lebron is thinking of teaming with Melo in LA. This could be the game changer. Bosh apparently is thinking of taking the max from Houston—-what does he know that we do not? I am worried now about LA more than Chicago or Houston.

    • geoAZ

      And…the 3 big stars can alternate coaching !