Carl2680 sees the future?

Remember, two weeks ago, when all of a sudden reports came out of nowhere that Jason Kidd was in a toxic relationship with the Nets’ owner, Mikhail Prokhorov, due to Kidd’s desire to gain more power? Well, before national and local reporters broke the news, there was a mysterious man named Carl2680, a poster on RealGM’s popular forums, that beat everyone to the story.

On June 26th, two full days before Tim Bontemps, the NY Post’s Nets reporter, broke the story, Carl took to RealGM to post this:

“I got inside sources in the Nets organization, and the word is Jason Kidd will get fired because he asked for a raise. Kidd also wanted the GM position, but the Russians told him no. Kidd will be the next coach of the Milwaukee Bucks, and possibly the GM too.”

His Nets reporting was seemingly miraculous and caused people to pay attention… Now, a couple weeks later, Carl is back again, but this time he’s posting about our New York Knicks!

Here’s what he’s reported in the last ~24 hours:

7/7, 8:37 PM: Actually I have strong sources with both local basketball teams. I think you guys need to chill everything is under control.

7/7, 8:45 PM: Don’t pay attention to the media, and rumors. They don’t know yet.

7/7, 8:49 PM: I think I have to buy a Knicks Jersey with number 16.

7/7, 8:55 PM: I am not going to blow the Knicks cover because I want that franchise to succeed. If I spill the beans some GM hack from another team could derail the big storm that is coming.

7/7, 9:20 PM: You got the brightest basketball mind running the show. KERR was never his number one choice. Smoke and mirrors folks, smoke and mirrors.

7/7, 9:37 PM: A lot of people in the NBA and media in general despise the Knicks. They would love to know what moves the front office is cooking, but they will not get nothing.

7/7, 10:05 PM: The big news is the one that the media never find out until it happens. By the way didn’t the Chandler trade caught the media off guard.

7/7, 10:11 PM: Please don’t start [another thread] 7 until Amare gets shipped.

7/7, 10:56 PM: I am not going to discuss anything until the first shoe drops. Some people here are paranoid, this is not the old Knicks front office running things.

7/8: 10:00 AM: You will not get a decision until LeBron make his.

7/8, 10:28 AM: Teams out of the Melo sweepstake Chicago, Dallas and Houston.

7/8, 11:35 AM: Why you guys are acting surprised? Of course Gasol is a target.

7/8, 4:52 PM: 6+7=13, 6 and 7= 6,7.

7/8, 5:10 PM: We have been long suffering Knicks fans, but great things are coming.

7/8 10:26 PM: For 13 years the rest of the league has been laughing at the Knicks those days are coming to end.

7/9 1:34 PM: Amare trade deal fell apart. The sixers wanted picks, and master z said no thanks.

So, to recap: Pau Gasol is a seemly legitimate target, Phil Jackson has a a master plan up his sleeves, Stoudemire is likely to be traded, LeBron will be the first shoe to drop, and Thursday will be a fun day. Again, don’t take any of this to be factual, just what our magic man, Carl, has outlined in posts.

Some say that lighting can’t strike twice, but who knows! In Carl2680 we trust!

  • gokufromthebx

    in carl i trust

  • lovethoseknicks

    Can we get some updates

  • EverAlwaysRealLife

    He wouldve gone to NY in 2010 if it wasnt for Miami but it looks like hes more likely to sign wit the Cavs than the knicks who we cant afford