Is Carmelo Anthony Waiting for LeBron James to join him in New York?

The New York Knicks were supposed to get a decision from their marquee free agent as early as yesterday. Now, Marc Berman is reporting that he may be holding out with hopes of playing with LeBron James in New York.

Can it happen? Yes. How likely is it to happen? Fairly improbable, but, not impossible.

As Berman mentions in his article, the Knicks and Phil Jackson would have to clear up a considerable amount of cap space in order to accommodate both Melo and LeBron. Jackson would have find suitors for Amar’e Stoudemire and Andrea Bargnani’s ugly contracts if he wants to satisfy Melo’s “dream.”

If, and only if, Jackson is able to swing Stoudemire and Bargnani, he’ll also will have to attach some assets like Iman Shumpert or Tim Hardaway Jr. to the mix. But, if getting rid of Shumpert, Hardaway, Stoudemire and Bargnani means getting back Anthony and LeBron, who wouldn’t do that deal?

Back when Jackson pulled the trigger to acquire Jose Calderon, Shane Larkin, Samuel Dalembert, and Wayne Ellington, there was chatter brewing about the overabundance of guards currently in the Knicks roster. Now do you see why he made that move?

We all know that something else had to be done. Perhaps this was Phil’s ace up his sleeve.