Carmelo Anthony could get free lap dances for life

Scores New York is a strip club in Manhattan that is looking to capitalize off the free-agency frenzy  taking the nation by storm. If Carmelo Anthony is to stay in New York, Scores has put together a “Melo Love” package for him to enjoy.

The package includes (1) free lap dances for life, (2) the ability to judge Scores’ “Dollars for Scholars” amateur pole dancing competition (which culminates in a $15,000 scholarship, in Melo’s name, to the winner!), (3) a new drink — “The Melo Carmelo” — to be served in the club forever, (4) Melo’s own personal ball girl and cheerleading squad for every Knicks game, and, finally, (5) a topless charity basketball game in his honor (in which he could play), “where holding is not a foul.”

Whenever a prominent athlete is weighing New York as a landing place, Strip Clubs seem to come out of nowhere to offer incentives to the free-agent, so this offer isn’t too uncommon. With that said, Melo has been married for four years and has a son, Kiyan, so I don’t imagine he’ll be taking Scores up on their offer.

Although, J.R. Smith might try to inherit the offer… and Paul George is suddenly interested in coming to New York!

Source: TMZ Sports