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To Panic or Not To Panic: Carmelo Weight Loss

If you haven’t noticed already: Carmelo Anthony lost weight and if you’re thinking we should panic I’m right with you, sort of. The Knicks star looked leaner and meaner as he continues his summer Paleo diet — similar to that of fellow superstar LeBron James who is also going through a weight loss of his own.

This could just mean that Carmelo, who is now in his 30s, is looking after the next seven or eight  years of basketball he has left and doing what he can to stay in shape, which is something you want from a star player who just signed a $124 million contract for the next five years. But if you’re a neurotic Knick fan like I am, you’re probably wondering if the weight loss is going to knock him off his equilibrium and affect his shot somehow (which of course happens after we sign him to the mega deal).

Am I scaring you yet? Well, one also has to wonder what this’ll do to his playing form; with the slimmer frame, ‘Melo might not withstand the constant pounding one must take while playing at the Power Forward position, one that he excelled at for the last two years. Considering that the overhauled roster, the new coaching staff, and the new triangle offense being implemented this year, an injured ‘Melo is not something the Knicks can afford in an Eastern Conference where the balance of power have shifted greatly since the end of last season.

It’s all very intriguing and just adds to the already eventful 2014-15 NBA season. Just when you thought it’d be smooth sailing for the Knicks, here comes a wave or two to make sure your undies regret you have them on.

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  • Slang711

    Homeboy, he’s not playing Woodson’s knuckle headed power forward position for long streches so, no worries at all because he’ll be just fine!

  • Slang711

    Really don’t understand the infatuation with people continuing to push this envelope of an idea- Carmelo playing Power Forward was great, but he can also play within a system and position that won’t take a toll on his body from the wear and tear of playing Power Forward. We are not trying to have another Patrick Ewing on our hands here (think long term-as in his contract), goodness!!!

  • Eric MacLaurin

    I started out thinking how great it was that CC was losing so much weight. That didn’t lead to the results I had hoped for.