Knicks Fans are delusional

The Internet is a fantastic place. You can get instantaneous updates about the news, entertainment, technology, and most importantly, sports. With the Internet, comes social media outlets like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. But probably the most enjoyable aspect of social media, is the ability to read other people’s opinions whenever you want.

Seeing how this site is all about the New York Knicks, let’s take a moment to get some chuckles in before the beginning of the season.

The following are real tweets from real Knicks fans:

And finally:

Yep, Joe Budden. THE Joe Budden.

Look. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. But, sometimes, people need to hinder their expectations. The power in the Eastern Conference has shifted mightily over the past few months. With LeBron emigrating back to Cleveland, Paul George out for the season, Lance Stephenson in Charlotte, and Pau Gasol geared up for a full season in Chicago, there’s a lot to be excited about if you miss competitive basketball in the east. To say that the Knicks are an instant lock for the top three or four seeds is just plain silly. With a completely new coaching staff, a brand new offensive system, and a somewhat new roster, it’s unlikely that the Knicks will be a top seed in the Eastern Conference this year.

Can they make noise? Absolutely, and I’m sure they’ll make some noise once they iron out all of the kinks during the season. I’m as optimistic as most fans, but I’m also more realistic than the rest. Can the Knicks make the playoffs? Yes, but are they a shoe in? No.

  • Pierre NyGaard

    Wait, since when is Joey fucking Budz a Knicks fan?!
    Smh indeed…

    • Steve Gotti

      damn you late af

      • Pierre NyGaard

        He’s from NJ. I always just kind of assumed he’d be a Nets fan…

  • Frank Waiters

    Remember 2012-13 NBA season and the simple fact lost 15 of their first 18 games and still won 37 games but oh what am I thinking i am just a delusional Knick fan who comes with facts.

  • Arf Fartlander

    2 years ago we won 54 games and you want me to believe that we are going to lose more games this year then last year with baldy running Iso Carmelo and switching on D so the other team would always have an open lane.

    Are you mental mr Anonymous?

    Being negative does’t make you realistic, tough or smart, just a complete failure with no vision and misery loves company. Will you accomplish anything this year genius or have you already thrown in the towel before the games have been played.

    Mail me a post card from Palookaville there sparky. I’m sticking with the little train that could. At least he has a set of nuts :)

  • BadNewsBronson

    No one is delusional because at the end of the day not a season game has been played. The Knicks have put together a nice squad with very little wiggle room. They have much of a chance as anyone in the east to compete. Ball first before detractors’ say Knicks fans are delusional.