Lakers are “in the game” for Melo

Bill Simmons is notorious for reporting what he’s hearing on Twitter. More often than not, though, these “reports” result in nothing. However, after by Yahoo! Sports confirmed his tweet, it appears Simmons was actually hearing something legitimate: the Los Angeles Lakers have made a “major impact on Melo this week.” Wojnarowski followed up by saying… More

Tough Pre-Season for Jackson

After three consecutive seasons of advancing to the Playoffs, the New York Knicks were eliminated this year, which made coach Mike Woodson and his entire staff lose their jobs. According to the website, Brian Shaw is listed with 4/1 to be the new coach of the Knicks, followed by Kurt Rambis, Derek Fisher and Scottie Pippen…. More

What’s Next for Knicks?

Last season the Knicks won 54 games, the Atlantic Division, and a playoff series. The only major personnel losses were Jason Kidd and the cult of Steve Novak, while they added promising rookie Tim Hardaway, Jr. and traded for a former number one overall pick in Andrea Bargnani. The wisdom of the Bargs trade (or… More