Chris Paul To New York is Possible, But Not Probable

  Editor’s note: Before you start rolling your eyes, this piece is just outlining the slim possibility that Chris Paul ends up in New York. It’s highly improbable, but, nonetheless, it’s possible. By no means are we advocating for Chris Paul nor predicting he will land up in New York this summer, just reporting that, cap-wise, there remains a… More


Taking A Look At Woodson’s Allocation of Minutes

As a follow up to the outstanding column that colleague Bryan Gibberman put up earlier today about the Knicks rotation, I would like to display the following charts regarding the Knicks’ minute breakdown per player at each position. The first two are hypothetical situations and the last chart displays what occurred in the Warriors game… More

Some Random Musings

This Sunday afternoon I found myself on a mini MSG binge watching some Knicks games of yesteryear. Starting with Game 7 of 1994 Eastern Conference Finals and then briefly watching the countdown of 2011-12’s best dunks, I came up with a series of random musing about the Knicks and NBA in general, found below.

So Where Are We Now?

The Knicks have put together their most legitimate team this millennium, something I did not believe during the emotional tumult that was this summer’s free agency period. In the aftermath of what transpired, I believed we were doomed for another inconsistent 46 win team, refusing to believe in the predictions that this team could win… More