The Morning After: Tim Hardaway Jr.

After the Knicks drafted Iman Shumpert, I went on a Matt Moore/Mike Conley-esque rant about how angry I was they picked Shumpert over Chris Singleton. Basically, I made a complete ass of myself. I’ve learned since then that being definitive about things regarding the NBA Draft is dumb and ridiculous. The people who get paid […]

Time To Part Ways With Stoudemire, At Any Cost

The New York Knicks almost have an identity. It is there. We all know it works, but, at certain times, head coach Mike Woodson, and even the players, don’t fully accept it. Play Carmelo Anthony at the four, surround him with two knock down catch-and-shoot three point shooters and a penetrating point guard who can […]

Stability vs. Indecisiveness

The Indians Pacers stick to what works, while the New York Knicks are experimenting on the fly.  It’s the middle of March and Head Coach Mike Woodson wants to see what is going to work come playoff time. Wait a second, no, that doesn’t work; it’s actually Game Four of the Eastern Conference semifinals. Think […]