GAME RECAP: Knicks 105, Spurs 101

So, um, as you may have noticed from the title, the Knicks (10-21)  beat the Spurs (25-8). In an actual basketball game. No, really. Stop laughing! There were referees and fans and cameras and everything. It counts, I swear! I don’t know what got into the Knicks, really. Perhaps they set some important New Year’s… More

Knicks vs Bulls

GAME RECAP: Knicks 83, Bulls 78

The Knicks were so brutal tonight that they almost broke my will to write prose. Here, instead, are some attempts at Shakespearian Knickspearian Sonnets (Iambic Pentameter be damned!), haiku’s, and limericks (with some sparse prose) that describe just how brutal the Knicks are: The Knicks cannot defend a pick and roll Mike Woodson is still utterly… More


GAME RECAP: Wizards 98, Knicks 89

John Wall certainly made the Knicks wail. //leaves That awful, yet slightly glorious, pun is very apt for the way the Knicks performed tonight (minus the glorious part). New York, now the proud owners of a five game losing streak and sitting at a blistering 3-9, quickly threw away the three point lead they held… More

George v. Shump

GAME RECAP: Pacers 103, Knicks 96

To quote the great Babu Bhatt, you are a bad man, Paul George. A bad, bad man. The Knicks (3-8) lost a heart-breaker to the Pacers (10-1) last night, 103-96, and it’s fair to ask if things can possibly get any worse. Going in, this game had serious potential to be something close to a human… More