Chris Copeland

Why We Should Watch: Chris Copeland

Editor’s note: The Classical has an on-goining series titled, “Why We Watch.” Their content is superb and I encourage you all to check it out, but with the playoffs coming up, we’re going to run a series piggy-backing theirs, titled, “Why We Should Watch.” This new series will give you a little behind-the-scenes information about the Knicks’ starting lineup… More


Good J.R., Bad J.R., I Love J.R.

I love JR Smith. Possibly too much. Okay, no, entirely too much. I know this because he drives me so morbidly insane that it borders on outright lunacy. Yet, once he drills a catch-and-shoot from the nether regions of 30 Feet and Beyond or a patented step-back J over the outstretched arm of his defender or an… More


Yo, Steve! Felton or Lin, Take Your Pick!

“Yo Steve. Settle a bet. Who would you rather have right now. Felton or Lin?” I stare at the text message longer than a stern Mike Woodson death stare directed at JR Smith before smacking my palm against my forehead and letting out a quick, disinterested sigh. “Without a doubt Jer… ” I start typing… More