I Hope for World Peace

According to Woj, the Knicks are the front runners to land Metta World Peace after he passed through the waiver system and officially became a free agent. New York will be able to sign him to the veterans minimum, which is a $1.4 million deal. The deal will likely be a one year deal, with […]

The Lakers are Delusional

This is going to be short and sweet. The Lakers are delusional. Since the team couldn’t convince Dwight Howard to sign an extension with them, the Lakers’ fan base has been going nuts with the potential 2014 free agent class. First they suggest that LeBron James would join them. Yeah, like LeBron wants to follow […]

Miami Losing Is Good For The NBA

You could say I have roots to a bunch of NBA teams. When growing up, my father was (still is) a Lakers fan from the Magic Johnson days. So, naturally, father like son, I became a Lakers fan. Quickly, Shaq became my favorite player in the entire league. No one could match him. I remember […]