Knicks Know If They’re Going To Match Lin

When the reported offer-sheet the Houston Rockets agreed to with Jeremy Lin was released as four-years, $28.8 million, there were indications that the Knicks planned to match any offer “up to one-billion dollars.” Now, after we’ve learned that Jeremy Lin’s actually deal pays him $25.1, guaranteed, in a three-year deal, we have seen the Knicks… More

Point Guard Madness!

LINSANITY!!! As reported by multiple sources, it appears Raymond Felton is close to joining the Knicks. The Knicks’ only remaining trade chip is Dan Gadzuric’s non-guaranteed deal, which would allow them to send out his $1,352,181 contract and receive up to $2,128,271. Since Felton will likely demand a bit more than the veteran’s minimum, it’s… More


Jeremy Lin Contract Update

I’ve gotten a bunch of questions about Jeremy Lin and his contract, so thought I’d just quickly give you all a rundown of what’s going on. Last week, we learned that the Houston Rockets came to terms on an offer-sheet with Jeremy Lin. The reported value of the deal was four-years (with the fourth being… More