Jason Kidd, Head Coach of Brooklyn Nets

Just a couple weeks ago, Jason Kidd came out and shocked everyone with news that he planned to retired. He is 40, so that wasn’t too alarming, but what surprised everyone was his decision to leave $6 million on the table. Well, quickly after retiring, news began to surface that Jason Kidd was quite interesting […]

Off-Season Primer: Financials

Well, the New York Knicks are out of the playoffs. As much as that sucks, it’s time to focus on the upcoming season… already. As you know, the Knicks have several high-salary players and adding to this roster during the off-season is often a daunting task. With that said, Mr. Grunwald has done a fantastic job adding minimum salary […]

The New York Knicks Have Advanced

I couldn’t write anything last night; I had to take it all in. The New York Knicks have won a playoff series… and they defeated Boston, our most loathed opponents. Things couldn’t be much better (let’s not think about how the Knicks almost blew a 25+ point lead nor how poorly they played in games […]