Jeremy Lin Preferred New York

Pablo Torre of Sports Illustrated has the first one-on-one with Jeremy Lin. From it. we learn that Lin’s top choice was New York, he was told not to rush back for the playoffs. I’m going to post some tidbits from the article, but be sure to read it in full here.


Lin, Novak Retain Bird-Rights

After Kenneth Dam ruled the Knicks would win their case against the NBA for the early bird-rights to Jeremy Lin and Steve Novak, the NBA immediately revealed that they planned to appeal the decision. The two parties have been in communication in hopes of coming to a settlement before the clock struck 12:01 AM, July… More


Draft Profile: Terrance Henry

This is a guest post from Joe Genovese (@2PalsTlknSports). Be sure to follow him. Terrance Henry is my sleeper in the second round. He had a solid four-year career at Ole Miss and in his senior season, Henry averaged 12.5 points and 4.3 rebounds a game. Henry shot 45% from the field and was an… More


Draft Profile: Kim English

This is a guest post from Joe Genovese (@2PalsTlknSports). Be sure to follow him. In his junior season, Kim English had a poor season. He averaged just 10 points a game, on 36% shooting; He wasn’t thriving in then Mizzou head coach Mike Anderson’s system, but, despite his poor season, English put his name into… More


Game Two Referees

After Saturday’s game, and especially the second quarter which saw the Heat get just about every call, I thought I’d give you guys a quick update on tonight’s referees. The referees for tonight’s matchup are Joe Crawford, Bennie Adams and Bill Spooner. Below are the stats for these three referees’ 2011-2012 season. Let’s hope for… More