Injury Update

You could not write this Knicks season. During Saturday night’s game against the Detroit Pistons, Amare Stoudemire and Jeremy Lin both left the game to be looked at in the locker room. Jeremy Lin came walking back onto the court at the start of the fourth quarter, but thanks to a comfortable lead, never re-entered… More


Knicks Bounce-Back With A 21-Point Victory

After a 17-point loss in Toronto last night, the Knicks bounced back with a 21-point victory over the Pistons tonight, at Madison Square Garden. The Knicks were pretty sloppy tonight, but thanks to some solid shooting, from both the field and the free-throw line, the Knicks were able to cruise to a double-digit victory. They… More


Josh Harrellson Fractured His Wrist

  After the loss to the Nuggets, the Knicks received some dreadful news: Josh Harrellson fractured his right wrist and will be out approximately six-weeks from the date of surgery. Now, coming into the season, if you told me that our second-round draft pick was going to be injured, I’d be upset, but I wouldn’t… More

A reasonable look at the Knicks

It‚ is time to put the Knicks in perspective. Thanks to LeBron James and the star collection that is the Miami Heat, the average NBA fan has come to view unions of star players as indications that teams will dominate. This is a shame, because the game of basketball‚ particularly at the professional level‚ is… More