2013 Knicks Mid-Season Awards

With 41 games behind the New York Knicks in this 2012-2013 campaign, it’s officially  mid-season time and the Knickerbockers stand at a solid 28-15 record, good for second best in the East. Time to take a look back at which players surprised us, which storylines boggled our minds, and other random things that we can… More

Hawks Gaffe Gives Knicks Win

The Knicks got a much needed win Sunday night when they defeated the Hawks 106-104. Carmelo Anthony was incredible, hitting 9-12 threes on his way to 42 points.   Melo went back to catching and shooting instead of playing one on one and the dividends were paid off immediately.  Chris Herring from the Wall Street Journal… More

Don’t Dribble, J.R.

Holy shit. RT @herringwsj J.R. Smith has shot 43% from the 3-pt line when he does so w/o dribbling. When he dribbles once or more: 8.3%. — Jonah Kaner (@TheKnicksWall) January 28, 2013 *This number is based off of 28 Knicks games, as some arenas do not have the SportsVu cameras installed, which are the… More

carmelo anthony knicks shooting 3 pointer over al horford hawks 2013

Recap: Knicks 106, Hawks 104

Tonight could qualify as one of those “ugly, grind-it-out” wins that are so often referred to when a basketball team squeezes out a victory by the skins of their collective teeth. Said games, however, are usually given such a description when both teams struggle to score the ball, and actually have to play ugly, hustling,… More

A Few Mid-Season Stats

The Knicks are 26-15, meaning they’ve played 41 games – half of the 82 they will play this regular season. The Knicks’ record is the sixth best in the league, but second best in the Eastern Conference (behind the Miami Heat). All in all, this season has been a slight surprise, as many pegged the… More

Pinky Promise

    Sometimes you can’t help but be pessimistic when certain things happen. Small, specific occurrences tend to have tremendous ripple effects, especially in sports. On Christmas Day, the Knicks opened up a box with two months of coal against the Lakers, when Raymond Felton broke the pinky finger on his shooting hand in a… More