Why We Should Watch: Chris Copeland

Editor’s note: The Classical has an on-goining series titled, “Why We Watch.” Their content is superb and I encourage you all to check it out, but with the playoffs coming up, we’re going to run a series piggy-backing theirs, titled, “Why We Should Watch.” This new series will give you a little behind-the-scenes information about the Knicks’ starting lineup […]

Top 10 Moments of 2012-2013

It’s been more than a year to remember for the Knicks, who patiently await their first round matchup with Boston and look to finally slay the dragon with a first round win. I have no complaints about this season, as it was probably the most exciting season, from start to finish, since the early 2000’s. […]

First Round Series Roundtable

1: Who is the series’ X-Factor? Steve Meza:  Although the matchup at point guard scares me enough to almost pencil in Avery Bradley’s zany self here (I bet he hand-checks security guards on his way into TD Garden to rile himself up), I must concede to the piping hot J.R. Smith. If the 6th Man of […]

Thanks For Everything, Sheed

Today, the New York Knicks have announced that Rasheed Wallace will retire. Wallace has, for the most part, missed the last four months, due to a lingering foot injury. Just a few days ago, the Knicks pegged Sheed as “ahead of schedule,” with a return for the first round of the playoffs to be likely. […]

The Carmelo Anthony Trade

If we take an NBA snapshot right now, the Carmelo Anthony trade sure looks good for the Knicks. First, let’s review: The Knicks gave up: Raymond Felton Danilo Gallinari Timofey Mozgov Anthony Randolph Wilson Chandler Eddy Curry 2014 draft pick They got: Carmelo Anthony Renaldo Balkman Chauncey Billups Sheldon Williams Anthony Carter Corey Brewer How […]