GAME RECAP: Wizards 90, Knicks 89

I told myself that I would not believe in this team again. After 61 games of ineptitude, I was ready to give up on the idea of the  2013-2014 Knicks making the playoffs and just move on. Of course, they found a way to rope me back in and in the final minutes of the […]

GAME RECAP: Bobcats 108, Knicks 98

Womp womp womp. Anyway, the Knicks (15-23) looked lethargic against the Bobcats (16-23) last night. They had “we played overtime the previous night and flew in late” syndrome and definitely played like they had no idea there was going to be a game. So the loss ended their five-game winning streak but the story dominating […]

GAME RECAP – Bucks 105, Knicks 95

After six preseason games, last night’s contest against the Milwaukee Bucks almost felt like a regular season tilt. Whereas Monday night’s loss to the Toronto Raptors served as an extended audition for players seeking one of New York’s final roster spots, Mike Woodson was certainly focused on molding his regular season lineups in Green Bay. Unfortunately, still short-handed, […]

Knicks vs. Wizards: Summer League Recap

The day started out with some bad news, but ended with some good news.  The bad news was that the Iman Shumpert at point guard experiment was over.  Shumpert was held out of the Knicks’ second summer league game on Sunday against the Washington Wizards because he had a prior commitment that had him scheduled […]

Game Two Recap: Knicks 105, Pacers 79

Boy how quickly things can turn in the playoffs. It took an overall combined effort for about three quarters for the Knicks to cap off the Pacers, until the floodgates opened in the fourth quarter for New York. This was a true game of runs, ending with a 36-4 run by the Knicks to end […]

Knicks-Pacers Game One Recap

The New York Knicks were handled by the Indians Pacers by a score of 102-95 in Game One of their Eastern Conference semifinals series.  The final score doesn’t tell the true story of the game, as the Pacers worked the Knicks over.  They were better on both ends of the court working seamlessly as an offensive and […]

The New York Knicks Have Advanced

I couldn’t write anything last night; I had to take it all in. The New York Knicks have won a playoff series… and they defeated Boston, our most loathed opponents. Things couldn’t be much better (let’s not think about how the Knicks almost blew a 25+ point lead nor how poorly they played in games […]

Recap: Celtics 97, Knicks 90

The Knicks squandered a chance to sweep the Boston Celtics, losing 97-90 in overtime. The Knicks lead the series 3 games to 1. 1st Quarter: The Knicks just did not have any offense going to open the game. In a game where JR Smith’s absence was blamed for many of the Knicks’ faults, the lack […]

Game Three Recap: Knicks 90, Celtics 76

The last time New York was up three games to nothing in a playoff series, a series only consisted of five games back in 2000, against the Toronto Raptors. New York has displayed stellar defense throughout the series, including tonight with a 90-76 victory over the Boston Celtics. As soon as it seemed to begin […]