Inside Jordan Brand’s Terminal 23

Traffic is thick during the six o’clock hour in Mid-Town Manhattan. People are bustling their way towards the PATH Train. I only have an address and a faint description of where I’m headed. Terminal 23 at Café Rogue, next to Hotel Pennsylvania. The Hotel Pennsylvania was an added variable to the directions that confused me,… More


GAME RECAP: Knicks 80, Nets 103

That was the opposite fun. Knicks fans spent their Martin Luther King Day watching their team get dismantled by the Nets.  Brooklyn looked like a team truly having turned the corner, while New York has me comparing their winning streak to something that happened during the Larry Brown season. 2006 2014 Five games this year… More


GAME RECAP: Clippers 109, Knicks 95

This game, in which the Clippers defeated the Knicks 109-95, was a complete juxtaposition between the roster constructions of the contending Clippers and the floundering Knicks. Los Angeles, despite being without their best player, dominated New York in just about every way. This was not a fluke game. The Clippers did not shoot the lights… More


GAME RECAP: Knicks 89, Pacers 117

Context is everything. Had I simply told you the Knicks lost on the road to the Indiana Pacers last night, most fans would be naturally upset, yet rational with their displeasure. There’s no shocker here. It’s obvious that the Pacers are currently the cream of the crop, with their conference-best 31-7 record, and the 15-24… More

GAME RECAP: Bobcats 108, Knicks 98

Womp womp womp. Anyway, the Knicks (15-23) looked lethargic against the Bobcats (16-23) last night. They had “we played overtime the previous night and flew in late” syndrome and definitely played like they had no idea there was going to be a game. So the loss ended their five-game winning streak but the story dominating… More

Knicks winning

GAME RECAP: Knicks 98, Suns 96 (OT)

Don’t look now, but the New York Knicks (15-22) are now the holders of a five-game winning streak and also the eighth spot in the Eastern Conference. After defeating the Philadelphia 76ers on Saturday, the Knicks took the I-95 back home to face off against the Eric Bledsoe-less Phoenix Suns. Despite some Herculean efforts by… More


GAME RECAP: Knicks 102, Sixers 92

4 straight. For the first time this season, the Knicks went into a game they were expected to win, and actually took care of business. As bad as our boys in blue have been this season, they’ve started to gain traction after entering the new year, notching wins against San Antonio, Dallas, Detroit, and Miami… More


Recap: New York Knicks 102, Miami Heat 92

That, my friends, is the feeling of wind in the sail, the sunshine breaking through. The New York Knicks have turned some kind of corner in 2014, both mentally and physically. At 13-22, the Knicks are a long way from celebrating anything, but after two months of rotten, disinterested basketball, it’s time to acknowledge a… More

Detroit Pistons v New York Knicks

GAME RECAP: Knicks 89, Pistons 85

I’m sorry, but am I actually recapping a win? This is weird. I almost don’t know what to do right now. The Pistons (14-21) had dropped six of their last seven games coming into last night’s affair, while the Knicks (12-22) had just danced a Texas two-step, winning two out of three down in the… More


GAME RECAP: Mavericks 80 , Knicks 92

I’m liking 2014 already. After the much discussed late-game shenanigans in Houston friday night, the Knicks ended their Lone Star State trip on a high note with an impressive 12-point win over the Dallas Mavericks. If you’ve been following my recaps up to now, you’ll know that I believe the Knicks follow a type of formula… More