Knicks Are 0/2: Crawford to Blazers, Williams to Nets.

*Facepalm* As Knick fans waited in anticipation for Jamal Crawford to make his final decision on where he would take his talents, Shawne Williams waited in anticipation for the Knicks to make a decision on his own future. In the end, the Knicks struck out looking as Jamal Crawford will suit-up for the Blazers and […]

Tyson Chandler To The Knicks?

Today, at 2PM, free-agency will officially begin, and according to multiple outlets, Tyson Chandler is 98% sure he will become a New York Knickerbocker. This news came as a remarkable surprise to most Knicks fans, because as recently as this yesterday morning, no one saw this coming; we were still looking at the addition of […]

Summer of Hope, Situation of Despair

After two years of clearing cap space, Donnie Walsh now finds himself in a situation similar to when he first arrived at 2 Penn Plaza. He is capped out. The Knicks’ season this year could be deemed successful or not, based on your expectations from the beginning of the year. Nevertheless, any NBA fan knows […]

One GM thinks “Melo Will Be a Knick”

Via Sporting News As one general manager told SN, “Now it’s inevitable. I don’t know how many other teams are going to want to get involved in any negotiation for him, because who wants to go through what the Nets just went through? It’s not a matter of if, it’s a matter of when.”The question, […]