GAME RECAP: Knicks 116, Celtics 92

No Kenyon? No Tyson? No Amar’e? No problem. Carmelo Anthony and the rest of his buddies packed up to Boston and took care of the Boston Celtics to win their fifth straight basketball game. The New York Knicks (26-40) are now in sole possession of ninth place in the Eastern Conference and they’re only three games… More


GAME RECAP: Celtics 90, Knicks 86

INT. MODEST HOUSE IN THE NEW YORK CITY SUBURBS Stacey, our heroine, is a 39-year-old woman who writes recaps for an awful professional basketball team. We find her sitting in a comfy chair in the den of her house, staring at her TV in disbelief. Her laptop is positioned in front of her on a… More


GAME RECAP: Celtics 114, Knicks 73

The Knicks lost today, but things aren’t so bad. In fact, in their last three games, the Knicks sport a .666 winning percentage. Extrapolated out over the course of a season, the Knicks are a 55 win team! And yeah, they lost by 41 points, but things could be worse! Case in point, one need only… More


GAME RECAP – Celtics 111, Knicks 81

As my colleague Brandon said in his recap of Thursday night’s game, good or bad, take it [the preseason] with a grain of salt. But even though it was a preseason game, and even though the Knicks sat most of their stars, last night’s contest was still pretty awful to sit through. As a matter… More


GAME RECAP – Knicks 103, Celtics 102

At last, the wait is over. Some five months after the Knicks were eliminated from the 2013 NBA Playoffs by the Indiana Pacers, New York’s basketball team finally returned to action last night, outlasting the Boston Celtics in their preseason opener, 103-102. It was an off-season of change for the ‘Bockers, both on the roster… More

Melo Knicks

The Sky is Falling!

After Wednesday night, it’s easy to view this series as the basketball incarnation of the Red Sox/Yankees playoff series in 2004, where Boston famously overcame New York’s 3-0 lead to win 4-3 on their way to the World Series. Yet, it’s really quite different, in spite of the teams being from the same cities. The… More


Game One Recap: Knicks v. Celtics

Saturday afternoon was one of, hopefully, many joyous occasions at Madison Square Garden in the coming weeks. The Knicks began their playoff run with a solid 85-78 win over the Celtics to take a 1-0 lead in the first round, best of seven series. New York was able to pull out the win, despite allowing Boston to… More