GAME RECAP: Memphis 95, Knicks 87

I’m going to start this recap off with an apology to my fellow Knicks fans. I am truly sorry. I don’t what it is about this team that makes them decide to play like idiots whenever I’m assigned to write recaps, but they do and I am beginning to take these losses personally. It’s as… More


Knicks Mauled in Memphis

Ugly. That just about sums up the Knicks performance against the Grizzlies last night. The final score says the Knicks lost by 11, 94-83, but it was much worse than that. At one point, the Knicks were down by as many as 25. If you were one of the many who turned this game off… More


Time for the Knicks to Prove Themselves

The going could get pretty bad for the Knicks if they do not start playing at the elite-level everyone envisioned they would, before the season started. The Knicks’ next 10 opponents provide far more competition than the first nine did. Of their first nine opponents, only two of their prior opponents were playoff squads last… More