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Are The Knicks Really The Oldest Team In History?

Last season, the Knicks’ average age was 26.27, good for 21st in the league. After a transaction filled off-season, the Knicks are set to climb the rankings, probably taking over the top spot. This off-season, the Knicks acquired the, experienced, likes of Jason Kidd, Pablo Prigioni, Kurt Thomas and Marcus Camby. Combining those additions with… More


The Knicks Wall’s Season Preview

Basketball is finally around the corner. Today, training camps are set to open, meaning we’ll start to see some real basketball news. In preparation for the season ahead, we here at The Knicks Wall are going to give you our takes on the off-season that was and the season that is going to be.


Media Day Tidbits

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to make it to media day today, due to some prior commitments, but thanks to a press conference style Q&A session, I was able to follow along on twitter. Here are some tidbits that are worth mentioning:


Here’s The Knicks’ Salary Situation

Thanks to Mark Deeks at ShamSports, I don’t have to do a bunch of number crunching. A few days ago, he released the salaries for the New York Knicks. These are all the salary commitments for the 14 players with guarenteed deals, as well as the money that the team still has on the books… More