Los Angeles Lakers v New York Knicks

Recap: Knicks 116, Lakers 107

On the night of three marquee returns to Madison Square Garden – Mike D’Antoni, Chris Duhon, and Jordan Hill – the Knicks nearly gave away a once-blowout game to the slumping Los Angeles Lakers. The Knicks kicked off the evening with Carmelo Anthony in the kitchen, cookin’ with fire. What began as a shootout, with… More

Just Like That, We are Back to .500

Final Score: Lakers 113, Knicks 96 Record: 26-26 Current Streak: Loss 2 If a trade is going to happen it better take place soon. The body language on the floor is disgusting. Wilson Chandler’s body language is saying “I don’t want to be here”. Raymond Feltons’ name has recently been included in trade talks involving… More

Game Time: LA vs. NY

The Lakers (26-11) will host the Knicks (21-14) at the Staples Center Sunday night. Lakers-Knicks games always draw a ton of excitement, but this is the first time in about 10 years that the game should be competitive. The Knicks score the ball phenomenally but have trouble keeping their opponents out of the paint. This… More