Iman Shumpert’s flattop is gone!

Last season, Iman Shumpert’s flattop gained so much recognition, you’d never think the day would come that he would shave it off. It’s been featured in NBA 2K, it’s been the subject of numerous interviews, and, best of all, it’s been his staple. Despite all of that, this morning we received a preview of Shump’s… More

J.J. Redick On The Knicks’ Radar?

According the Alex Kennedy, the New York Knicks and Orlando Magic “have discussed a J.J. Redick for Iman Shumpert trade. Kennedy goes on to say that more players would be involved and the two parties might need a third team to facilitate a deal. Of course, “nothing imminent,” but it’s on the Knicks’ radar. Like I… More


Knicks Injury Updates

The Knicks currently have 6 players injured: Amare Stoudemire, Iman Shumpert, Ronnie Brewer, Marcus Camby, Chris Smith and Henry Sims. Amare Stoudemire sat out the Knicks’ second pre-season game against the Boston Celtics as a pre-caution; in fact, it was said that if game one was a regular season game, he would have played. Stoudemire… More

Iman Shumpert Suffers Left Knee Injury

With just over six minutes left in the third-quarter, rookie Iman Shumpert collapsed to the ground, grabbing his left knee. Shumpert was dribbling the ball up the court and while trying to crossover to get by Mario Chalmers, Shumpert planted awkwardly with his left leg. Like most significant injurys, Shumpert’s came without any contact. He… More