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Knicks Film School: Frank Ntilikina’s Early Play Compared to His International Career

Have we found any stark differences between Frank’s game during his brief rookie season versus his years playing professionally in France? Frank Ntilikina came into Knicks fans’ collective consciousness as a difficult last name to pronounce. What do you do with all of those i’s and that sneaky ‘t’ as the second letter? He was neither a college star nor a recognizable name that fans could attach their hopes to throughout the previous losing season. He wound up being drafted by Phil Jackson, one pick ahead of college star Dennis…

Knicks Film School: Defense During 41-10 Run

The Knicks had their best quarter ever in outscoring the Raptors 41-10 during the third quarter. Knicks Film School breaks down the defense for us. It sounds simple: the Knicks were able to contain drives off the pick-and-roll, bump the roll man, and force mid-range or contested shots in preventing the Raptors from scoring for much of the third quarter. They were able to do this because of the players on the floor. With Jonas Valanciunas and Jakob Poeltl running high screens for the Raptors, Enes Kanter (and at the…

Knicks Film School: A Slumping Kristaps Porzingis

After an incredible start to the season, Kristaps Porzingis is caught in a shooting slump. Knicks Film School takes a deeper look into why. Everything is about timing: the timing of a pump fake, the timing of a spin move, the timing of a shot’s release, the timing of a slump. Imagine if Kristaps Porzingis had started the season shooting 25-of-73 from the field? How worried would Knicks fans be? Instead, he got off to one of the best starts in Knicks history, scoring at least 30 points in seven…

Knicks Film School: Doug McDermott Subtle Difference vs Jazz

Doug McDermott a difference maker on defense? Knicks fans expect offense from Doug McDermott. He only scored 5 points vs the Jazz. But it was his defense and effort that helped the team win. Notice, too, his communication on defense to help protect the corner three late in the game. For more, please visit and follow @KnickFilmSchool on Twitter.

Knicks Film School: Lance Thomas Defense vs Kemba Walker and Hornets

After struggling in the first half to defend Kemba Walker and Malik Monk, Frank Ntilikina got some help from Lance Thomas down the stretch to spark a comeback. Thomas provides the Knicks with a wing defender who can switch on shifty guards and take the pressure off Ntilikina to battle through ball screens. For more, follow @theknickswall & @KnickFilmSchool on Twitter.