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The “U up?” Shoot your Shot Shirt

Click Here to Buy!   Kristaps Porzingis has started off this season shooting lights out from all parts of the court. While a good shooter during his first two years in the league, something happened that altered his game forever. And no, it’s not Carmelo Anthony’s departure to the Oklahoma City Thunder.     Let’s face it folks, KP’s field goal percentage is off the chain, on and off the courts. We’re celebrating at The Knicks Wall with the official “U Up” shirt. Keep shooting Kristaps. Spray-and-Pray has worked marvelously…

The French Prince of New York Shirt

On the west side of Belgium, Born & Raised. In the Garden is where he spends most of his days…   Click Here to Buy!   Welcome to New York, French Prince. You’ve blessed us with your presence and wingspan, and the enjoyment we’ll get out of watching your defense and playmaking develop is nothing short of a privilege. I mean honestly, just look at those arms and tell me that this kid isn’t going to be a game changer. They’re skyscrapers!       Make sure to pay homage…

The G.O.A.T. in NY shirt

The Train Has Been Derailed—The G.O.A.T. Is In New York Click Here to Buy! The legend of Michael Beasley grows more and more every day! After playing for a sixth of the league’s teams, including three stints with the Miami Heat and lots of time overseas, the second overall pick of the 2008 draft has finally come face to face with destiny and joined the New York Knicks. The season hasn’t even started yet and Beasley’s is already the MVP of this year’s team: The brain is a complicated organ, but…

All Hail the New Face of the Knicks, KrisTimbs Porzingis

AS SEEN ON DESUS & MERO & ESPN!! Kristaps Porzingis is no longer messing around. He’s coming back to the states this season with the weight of New York on his shoulders, ready to become the player that everyone knows he can be. It should be a special year. Click link to buy!  More important, though, is KP’s continued commitment towards being as New York as he can possibly be. In honor of his dedication, we have a special present for all of you in this shirt. What defines New York more…

It’s Hoodie Melo Season at The Knicks Wall

Like a sasquatch in the wild, only grainy and shaky camera footage can reveal the true form of nature’s most beautiful and hidden gift.   Click link to buy!   Some say similar remarks about ‘Hoodie Melo,’ the hoodied sweatshirt version of New York Knicks forward Carmelo Anthony who entered the offseason unsure if he’d remain a Knicks, and finished the summer dazzling millions of NBA fans with his prowess in star-laden pick up games. Hoodie Melo is one of a kind. Hoodie Melo is a star in his own…

The Henny JR Smith Shirt

  J.R. Smith. Hennessy. Over-the-top celebrations. It is unknown if any of these three things could survive without the other two, but what is known is for the first time they are all together on one beautifully crafted, well-priced shirt. Follow the link to buy the cleanest design on the market and delve into this journey into a new chapter with The Knicks Wall. The first of many designs from TKW. Purchase the design and experience the Hennything lifestyle. #OAKAAK   Click here to buy!