Kristaps Porzingis is no longer messing around. He’s coming back to the states this season with the weight of New York on his shoulders, ready to become the player that everyone knows he can be. It should be a special year.

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More important, though, is KP’s continued commitment towards being as New York as he can possibly be. In honor of his dedication, we have a special present for all of you in this shirt. What defines New York more than a seven foot Latvian that loves WorldStarHipHop in Timbs? Come on, dawg.

Head over to TeePublic to buy your very own Kristimbs Porzingis apparel to welcome the 2017–18 NBA season, along with KP’s coronation as a true New York hero. If you choose not to buy one, we’re not responsible for KP going full New York on you:

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