New York had no answers Wednesday night, as their short-lived winning streak came to an end with a 119-98 loss to the Miami Heat.

The New York Knicks (26–46) came back down to earth this evening, reverting back to their old and tired habits of giving up a boatload of points and not giving much pushback. New York managed to make Kelly Olynyk look immortal, as he poured in 22 points, dished out 10 assists and was a +32 on the night off the pine. Tyler Johnson and Wayne Ellington also torched the Knicks from long distance as the Miami Heat (39–33) had their way offensively throughout the game. Miami used a 37-point second quarter and a 35-point third quarter to put the game away early, as they knocked down 15 threes and shot 56 percent from the field. This offensive onslaught by the Heat was without Dwyane Wade and Hassan Whiteside, by the way.

Enes Kanter’s double-double (23 points, 13 rebounds), Michael Beasley’s 22 points, seven rebounds, and Trey Burke’s 16 points and seven boards accounted for most of the offensive output, as there were minimal contributions from the rest of the team. Unlike last game, the bench was not a factor, outscored by Miami’s second unit 62–28.

After watching tonight’s contest, I’ve concluded the Miami Heat and there style of play are exactly what I would hope the Knicks would resemble, with their young, energetic players and a team nobody wants to run into in the playoffs. All of this without having a superstar player.

Questionable Coaching

Why Troy Williams only played 10 minutes is a mystery to me. I mean, they did just recently give him a contract until the end of next season, so one would assume he would get more action. It is inexcusable to have this guy on the bench for so long, as he has already proven to be a spark plug off the bench with his excellent athleticism. This is the type of stuff that infuriates Knicks fans and could potentially cost Jeff Hornacek his job.

Another baffling decision by the coaching staff that had me scratching my head all night was the fact that Frank Ntilikina only got 20 minutes of action. After a couple of very promising games, Ntilikina didn’t see the minutes as we all would’ve liked. Watching him tonight, he looked out of sync and I believe a lot of that can be attributed to his inability to get into a rhythm due to his lack of time. Probably beating a dead horse but the only way to get Frank to develop is to give him NBA experience in droves.

Trey Burke Continues to Impress

Trey Iverson—uhh, I mean Burke—continues to make the most of his minutes and ball out for the Knicks. We all know Burke can play, it is just a matter of where he fits and if he can be more of a consistent shooter. He has been incredible as a Knick and has cemented his spot on the roster next year as far as I’m concerned. Trey is one of the few guys who has been consistently producing since his call up back in January. Eleven points and four assists this season from a guy who was in the G League earlier in the year is more than you could’ve expected thus far, and I even believe his ceiling could be even higher. His “it” factor and competitive swagger are both something that stand out each night I watch him play. Kudos to Burke for his impressive play despite the constant turmoil surrounding the Knicks.

The Knicks are back in action Friday as they host Karl-Anthony Towns and Minnesota Timberwolves.