The Knicks picked up a huge win against the Bucks thanks to their guard play and the defense of OG Anunoby and Mitchell Robinson.

In a crucial game, the New York Knicks (46-32) took over in the second half against the Milwaukee Bucks (47-31), moving into a tie with the Magic for the third seed.

The first quarter opened with a triple from the one and only Damian Lillard. With the Bucks already drawing frustration on the Knicks early into the game, New York was unable to make a bucket for three minutes straight. However, Jalen Brunson finally stepped in and drew an and-one after getting to his spot. JB scored the first four points for New York.

After missing several games with the Bucks, Khris Middleton got the Bucks off to a good two-way start.  Donte DiVincenzo picked up two quick fouls guarding Lillard, forcing Tom Thibodeau to insert Miles McBride into the game earlier than expected. With the Knicks down seven early, New York was searching for someone to reignite the fire. And who was it? Who else: Jalen Brunson.

Playing with physicality, aggressiveness, and never taking the easy way out, JB dropped 17 in the first quarter, while Dame’s quickness and shot-making earned him 12 points. The teams were tied up 25 when Deuce took over with his defensive ferocity. He was seen stripping the ball off of Dame, which led to a bucket by JB after several rebounds by the Knicks. Bobby Portis Jr. dropped in a bucket at the buzzer, which ended the quarter with the Bucks leading over the Knicks (31-25).

Unlucky for Bucks fans, Middleton took a shot in the face in the second quarter and was seen bleeding before he returned to the locker room. After this, Knicks’ JB made his way back onto the floor, carving himself another strong start against the Bucks where he added six points in the second to his name (he had almost half of the Knicks’ points at this time). Putting all his Hart into his first made field goal, Josh plummeted one against a seven-foot Brook Lopez. 

By the end of the first half, the Bucks had their largest lead yet over the Knicks (61-50).

The second half kicked off with a terrific start from the Knicks. A floater from Hartenstein and a turn-around jumper at the foul line from OG Anunoby opened up their scoring. JB, still in rhythm, brushed another bucket under his name during a fearless drive at the rim. Despite being in a slump for the last two weeks, Bucks’ Malik Beasley finally landed one in for his team after his team failed to connect on back-to-back possessions. 

With the Knicks off to a great offensive and defensive start in the third, JB’s triple put them back within two. JB pitched in 14 points here, yet another 30-bomb for him. He wasn’t just dishing out points, but he was also feeding them to his teammates. While the Knicks went on a 11-1 run, the Bucks weren’t able to knock down any shots for over three minutes straight. And with a 14-point turnaround, the Knicks had their first lead of the night. This was coupled with a three-point advantage before Bucks’ Coach Doc Rivers called for a timeout, in desperate need to regroup. However, Giannis went ahead and cut the Bucks’ dry spell with a tough shot in, making the Knicks’ lead quite tight. After sinking down four triples in the game, DiVincenzo tallied eight points in the third. Whereas Bobby embraced his sixth-man role and put up 10 points here.

With 1.1 remaining, JB gathered an emphatic floater after getting into the paint. This ended the third with the Knicks leading over the Bucks (89-85). 

The final quarter unfastened with a difficult tip-in by Giannis against Mitch. This only fired up Deuce more, making his second triple of the night rain from downtown. This time, after Giannis’ second attempt in the fourth, Mitch blocked it just enough for Deuce to pick up his second consecutive bucket. But the Knicks didn’t stop rolling there. No. Their lead grew in double-digits for the first time of the night after Bogdanović’s confident step-back three. You can definitely say that Bogdanović made the most out of his minutes tonight.

As both teams were battling it out on the floor, Portis nailed down his fourth triple of the night, bringing the Knicks to a much-needed timeout. And just as Lopez fired a triple, DiVincenzo took the liberty to drown out the Bucks’ crowd with back-to-back threes. This brought the Knicks to their largest lead of the night. The Big Ragu had 12 points here.

After a hard and long fight, it came down to the Knicks, who collected a crucial win tonight against the Bucks with a final score of 122-109. 

Overall, the Knicks dominated in the fourth with a huge road win tonight. Brunson was the hero with yet another 40-game, 43 points to be exact. DiVincenzo with his impressive long-range shooting (eight triples), which brought him to 26 points. iHart who tallied 18 points. And the saving reign, Bogdanović, who had 15 points by the end of the night.

On the other hand, the Bucks fell apart near the end of the game. Despite this, Giannis (28 points), Portis (24 points), and Dame (23 points) all led Milwaukee tonight. As well as Lopez with 13 points by the end of the game. 

Next up, the New York Knicks will continue their road trip and face the Chicago Bulls on Tuesday night at 8:00 p.m. E.T.

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