Everyone is waiting on the Knicks to make another trade, but patience in finding the right final piece to the puzzle could pay off long-term.

Everyone is waiting for the next domino in the Knicks’ trade saga to drop as they look to bolster the roster to make a run in the playoffs. But despite the ever-present rumor mill, this isn’t a ring-or-bust kind of year, and there isn’t any reason to make rash decisions.

The Knicks can clearly compete, even when compromised – look no further than their last game versus the defending champion Denver Nuggets.

Down two centers, Mitchell Robinson and Isaiah Hartenstein, they were able to dismantle and neutralize everything the Nuggets did for one of the most impressive wins of the season. Prior to that, the Knicks put a beat down on the Philadelphia 76ers, another contender, again while missing key players. 

While the bench is still a concern and where they’re reportedly looking to make a significant addition, the players they do have right now have shown the ability to step up. With the trade deadline just a couple of weeks away there aren’t any attractive enough players on the market to gamble on… yet. That could change however in the coming days as the deadline approaches and teams become more willing to negotiate. After trading away Immanuel Quickley it is critical to make the right move to replace his production off the bench. 

The Knicks have been most widely linked to names like Malcolm Brogdon and Bruce Brown. Both would definitely be upgrades, but are they truly worth the price their respective teams are currently asking? It seems like the Knicks could use their assets in more lucrative pursuits and it’s a real possibility that happens in the offseason or beyond. There is no need to make a deal for the sake of making a deal and to their credit the front office has been methodical and patient with their moves. They have made every move count and for the most part, it’s worked out extremely well, so it is crucial they demonstrate the same discipline when the time finally comes to add an important, possibly final piece to what’s starting to look like a complete puzzle. 

Much doesn’t come out of the halls of MSG, even their blockbuster trade for OG Anunoby came as a shock even though it was well-known the Knicks were in pursuit of him for some time. It’s become an M.O. for them to strike when nobody’s watching and it looks that way now. Even with the continued silent treatment from the Garden, it’s getting hard not to trust their judgment at this point. The Knicks are 11-2 since the start of the new year and they’re showing no signs of slowing down even with a compromised roster due to key injuries and a suddenly shallow-looking bench. The anticipation of them making another splash feels like torture but the blind faith seems to be working; despite the shorthandedness, there is no reason to rush into a trade to overpay for a rental or a clunky fit.

The feeling is that if the Knicks could get a player who can provide real consistent offense as a sixth man they can ascend to the level of the truly upper echelon teams around the league. But who says that move has to happen this season? There really isn’t any need for desperation, the Knicks have time on their side, they are still relatively young and can continue to build on what they have. But it’s the Knicks, so it could happen right now or at 3 PM on February 8th. 

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