On the eve of the NBA Lottery, we examine some hypothetical draft representation alternatives to Scott Perry.

With a mere 6.1 percent chance of moving into the top three of the lottery, there is little expectation that the New York Knicks will be able to snag a top-tier prospect in the 2018 draft, barring a miracle or an unforeseen trade-up.

Regardless of their minimal chances, Knicks fans are collectively still highly interested to see where their team will select in the upcoming draft. The Knicks may have made a conservative selection when choosing GM Scott Perry to represent them tomorrow evening (maybe to avoid mocking or unnecessary press). Don’t get me wrong, Perry definitely deserves to be there since he is the general manager, but there were definitely other routes the Knicks could’ve went with to inspire good karma in the face of generations of lottery misfortune. Lets take a look at some fantasy alternatives.

Michael Beasley

Beas is wildly entertaining on and off the hardwood and would make this event even more of a must-see than it already is for ‘Bockers fans. Our first glimpse of Michael Beasley’s eccentricity in New York was when he sported the watch on ankle look during an interview with SNY’s Taylor Rooks.


Ever since that moment, Beas has captivated the Knicks faithful with his nonchalant and often highly questionable play on the court and his outlandish swagger off of it.

Having Beas sitting there watching the ping pong balls bounce around would be quite hilarious, and I can assure you there would’ve been some memorable quotes coming out of the Walking Bucket’s spout during the lottery process. Speaking of process, the Philadelphia 76ers went the entertaining route and have selected Joel Embiid to represent them tomorrow night, his second appearance as the face of the Sixers draft lottery. Both of these guys are clowns and I would anticipate similar behavior since they both are characters to say the least.

Despite the fact that nobody really knows how/if Beas fits into the Knicks’ future plans (he signed a one-year deal with the team last summer), he would’ve been one hell of a captivating choice for New York tomorrow.

David Fizdale

The recently hired Fizdale would’ve been an awesome choice to be there on lottery night for the Knicks as well. The widely respected Fiz has quickly become a celebrity in New York, appearing on a variety of different media outlets and even tossing out the first pitch at the Yankees game last week. The aura surrounding Fiz has been sensational and many people are sold that he is THE guy who will finally be able to get the Knicks headed back in the right direction (we’ll see about that).

Out of all the guys who could possibly rep the Knicks tomorrow, I would feel the most confident in Fizdale simply because of his positive energy he has rejuvenated us fans with, at least for the short term. Best believe his “take that for data” meme would resurface in a big way if he was representing the Knicks at the lottery defeating the near-hopeless odds.

Hopefully by not having Fizdale being the face on lottery night, we can save his stroke of luck for when LeBron is a free agent. Just saying.

Kristaps Porzingis

Having the face of the franchise represent a team on draft night is nothing out of the ordinary and always a good option (see: Embiid above). KP has kept a relatively low profile during his ACL rehab process and hasn’t really been discussed as much as a star player in New York is usually talked about.

We all know KP is laser focused on returning as soon as possible next season, but nobody really knows how realistic that is. Having Porzingis there on lottery night would be a feel-good story on many fronts and would remind folks that he his the unquestioned centerpiece of Knicks basketball going forward.

Nick Van Exel

I know this would’ve been a bit of a surprising choice for the Knicks to represent their organization, considering Van Exel is only rumored to join coaching pal Fizdale’s staff, but something about Nick’s demeanor and the way he carries himself lets everyone know he means business. Van Exel was one of the league’s smarter and tougher players back when he played in the 90’s and early 00’s and was always a valuable complementary player on championship teams with big stars like Kobe and Tim Duncan. Van Exel also has some “Hollywood” to him and would’ve been a very out of the box but solid choice for New York for tomorrow’s draft lottery.

Despite playfully examining some alternatives we could’ve seen repping the Knicks, come tomorrow night, Scott Perry is our guy. With no skill involved, all we can do as Knicks fans is hope and pray that the ping pong balls fall in our favor to get into the top three. Tune in tomorrow night on ESPN at 7:30 p.m. EST to see how Perry and the Knickerbockers fare in Chicago, with breakdown from The Knicks Wall following the results.