TKW went to Harlem for the Knicks’ Thanksgiving charity drive in conjunction with The Garden of Dreams Foundation!

Tuesday night found some of our Knicks up in Harlem for a Thanksgiving Turkey Drive. The Garden Of Dreams Foundation, in partnership with the team, hosted the event.

(Quick sidebar: all corporations have charities. It’s beneficial for the brand to splash charitable acts on your website and include it with every PR asset. I say this to get something quick out of the way: The Knicks Organization is most definitely a corporation but its partnership with The Garden Of Dreams Foundation just doesn’t fit the less-than- sincere mold I described above.)

This night saw Michael Beasley, Doug McDermott, and Jarrett Jack in bright blue Knicks tees participating. Sure, they had to be there. But it felt so genuine. You see Michael Beasley handing out turkeys to members of the community with that real Beas smile plastered on his face.

Dougie McBuckets is off at a table playing Connect 4 with a little girl who’s face is adorned with glitter and face paint. The man looked FOCUSED. Jarrett Jack has his usual stern look but when a kid asked for a quick picture, his face lit up, and he hoisted the kid up with energy as someone snapped a few photos.

So much of the event and the involvement of the Knicks felt genuine. Teams give communities and cities so much more than a color palette and a roster to root for. They give back to the community with real, concrete programs and events just like this one. The Garden Of Dreams Foundation enriches children’s lives, and the small, but lively delegation of Knicks could not have looked happier to be there.

Thank you, Nitz, for being our social correspondent and attending the New York Knicks’ Garden of Dream Foundation charity drive.