The Knicks were stomped in the second leg of their back-to-back by the Bulls despite OG Anunoby’s reinsertion into the starting lineup.

The first quarter opened up with Ayo Dosunmu laying one in while being double-teamed by the Knicks. After a turnover by the Knicks, Dosunmu got inside, scoring the first two buckets for the Bulls. After a couple of missed possessions, Jalen Brunson finally nailed one for the Knicks on a turn-around jumper. With his return back into the starting lineup, OG Anunoby banked in his first bucket after grabbing an impressive rebound off of Nikola Vucevic’s missed shot. 

Halfway into the quarter, the Bulls’ DeMar DeRozan, who had been quiet since the start of the game, finally attempted his first shot and drilled it. It was at this point that the Knicks had a slow start to their game once again for the second night in a row where they were already down by as many as a dozen. As if it couldn’t get any worse for the Knicks, a lengthy review of a play led to Scott Foster announcing the ejection of Knicks’ guard Josh Hart based on a Flagrant two foul after he inadvertently kicked his leg out against Javonte green. This led to the Knicks becoming shorthanded once again besides the call being quite debatable to say the least. 

Dosunmu, the up-and-coming young player, was Chicago’s first quarter catalyst. He was harassing the Knicks with his aggressive drives and threes, getting hot with 14 points (the most he’s ever had in the first). As well as his teammate, Vucevic who posted up seven points in the first.

After a rough first quarter for the Knicks, the Bulls led with 29-17.

The second quarter continued to be a nightmare for the Knicks for the most part besides the man of the hour, JB. It almost felt like all of the Bulls’ shots were falling through and the Knicks’ were, well, not. The second quarter kicked off with Bojan Bogdanovic driving in and cashing one in for the Knicks. With back to back steals initiated by Drummond, Burks, then Terry, Drummond was able to make do from both his free throws after being fouled by the Knicks in pursuit.

The Knicks’ defense was depleted in transition and within the interior. The Bulls took advantage of this, making their lead grow endlessly through their smart ball movement. Despite JB starting off inefficiently, he was hungry for buckets, adding 16 points to his name in the second as seen off a steal and a few key lay-ups. Besides JB touching double-digits before halftime, Deuce also chipped in eight points in the second. In the meantime, Bulls’ Javonte Green was having his way, piling up 11 points here. Perhaps making this Green’s best first half of his entire career.

The first half ended with the Bulls leading with as many as 16 points against the Knicks (61-45).

The second half came with a more composed and poised look for the Knicks. The third unfastened with Dosunmu still catching fire with a pull-up two-pointer. On the other hand, DiVincenzo came through for the Knicks with five consecutive points. The Knicks were now working more diligently together and capitalizing on triples. With OG showing his craftiness through his long-range shooting and muscling his way into the key for a bucket, this put him up for five points in the third. However, the Bulls’ offense did not let up one bit. DeRozan placed six points to his name here.

Relentless, Deuce kept his momentum ongoing, taking a hold of six points and three rebounds here in the third. OG continued to exploit the Bulls on defense, stripping the ball for the fast-break bucket by DiVincenzo, who cut down the Bulls’ lead. The Big Ragu tallied seven points here. The Knicks went on a 10-0 run for over a minute straight, now just trailing by five points. 

Despite the Knicks looking way more alive in the third quarter, they were still trailing behind the Bulls (81-76).

The final quarter unfolded with DeRozan’s shot rolling in. A rocky start for New York, the Knicks were once again down by 10. Despite the Knicks in disarray in the first minute of the fourth, Deuce ignored this and connected on the Knicks’ first bucket here. After cutting the Bulls’ lead to just five earlier, the Knicks were once again trailing by as many as a dozen here. 

DeRozan started heating up, contributing nine points in the fourth. But JB would not back down without a fight, he tended to 10 points here. Although the Knicks put up a tough fight; in the end, it wasn’t enough. The Knicks fell short against the Bulls with a final score of 108-100.

Overall, despite the Knicks falling behind tonight, five Knicks touched double-figures. JB hit a double-double game with a 35 bomb. Deuce’s hustle in full display with 19 points. With his long-awaited return, OG cashed in on 12 points by the end of the night. And DiVincenzo as well as Hartenstein both matched for 10 points.

On the other hand, the Bulls grabbed the win tonight despite their second-leading scorer – Coby White – sidelined midway into the game. Green with a new career-high of 25 points and Dosunmu magnetic tonight with 24 points. As well as DeRozan who piled up 20 points and Vucevic with 16 points. And of course, Drummond with 16 impressive boards and 10 points.

Next up, the New York Knicks will continue their road-trip and face the Milwaukee Bucks on Sunday night at 7:00p.m. E.T.

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