In the Heat post-game Knicks Quick Hitters podcast, Bryan Gibberman explores what distinguishes a smart organization like Miami from New York.

Hopefully people within the New York Knicks organization stayed focused on Friday Night Knicks despite the ugly result.


  • It’s not about R.J. Barrett once again throwing up bricks from three and the free throw line.
  • It’s not about another coach refusing to play smaller lineups and insist Julius Randle and Marcus Morris share the court together at all times.
  • It’s not about Mitchell Robinson being the one aspect of this roster to be excited about.
  • It’s not about Dennis Smith Jr. and Frank Ntilikina going through more rough patches.

The reason to care about what happened against the Heat was to see how a smart organization constructs a team to maximize the talents of its top talent.

Bryan Gibberman explains on the latest installment of Knicks Quick Hitters following the Friday night 129-114 loss to the Miami Heat.

One day maybe the Knicks organization will grasp the concept of building a roster that makes sense.

One day maybe the Knicks organization will grasp the concept of complementary skill sets rather than overlapping and contrasting skill sets.

That day is not today and watching the Heat play exemplify the difference in roster construction to the highest degree.


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