The Knicks went down to Philadelphia and dismantled the 76ers by 36 points behind inspiring defense and some much-needed bench contributions.

The New York Knicks (20-15) dismantled the Philadelphia 76ers (23-11) who are currently leading third in the East. The Knicks blew the breaks off the 76ers so badly that seven Knicks players resulted in double-digit points. The final score was 128-92.

In the first half, Philadelphia opened up the first quarter with a turnover which led to Brunson getting the Knicks’ first bucket. DiVincenzo was also very vigilant, stripping the ball beautifully from his opponents and unhesitant to pull the trigger from behind the arc. The 76ers’ superstar, Joel Embiid, put up the first four points for his team. With eight minutes remaining, Philadelphia went on an 8-0 run over New York, which forced Coach Thibodeau’s hand to call for a timeout. DiVincenzo stopped this streak with a second three of his own, but Philadelphia continued to gain points through unselfish plays and fast-break points.

Near the end of the first quarter, both coaches checked in their bench players. The 76ers’ bench managed to dish out six points. But with just over two minutes remaining in the first, the Knicks went on a 7-0 run over the 76ers for over a minute and a half.

Two Philadelphia players ended the first quarter with double digits. Embiid knocked 10 points, four rebounds, and one assist. And Tyrese Maxey with 10 points, three assists, and one rebound. Philadelphia scored 16 points off fastbreak points in the first. On the other hand, Knicks’ Julius Randle struggled to find his rhythm, shooting 1-6 from the field. However, Knicks’ McBride and DiVincenzo were on fire. McBride showed out with 12 points, 4-4 from three, and shot 4-5 from the field. DiVincenzo had eight points, shot 2-2 from three, one rebound, and one assist.

Philadelphia led by as many as ten points at some point (26-16), but the quarter ended with the Knicks leading instead, as Josh Hart clinched one last bucket right when the buzzer went off (34-30).

In the second quarter, the Knicks continued to shoot lights out from beyond the arc (61.9%) while the 76ers shot poorly from three (33.3%). Jalen Brunson was also on a roll, he put up 21 points and shot 4-6 from the field in the second. Brunson was hustling by driving into the rim fearlessly, drawing contact, and securing more second-chance points. At the same time, Philadelphia’s Maxey remained to play deadly. Maxey scored 20 points with seven assists, and two rebounds before the first half came to an end. Embiid also dished out 16 points, four rebounds, and one assist. In addition, Kelly Oubre Jr. was on a three-ball rhythm with 2-3 of his threes falling through, putting up eight points.

With five minutes remaining in the second, the Knicks’ lead rose by 15 points over the 76ers (58-43). As a team, the Knicks were dismantling the 76ers’ defense, a team that is currently second-leading defensively in the entire league. Offensively, the Knicks were on the move while the 76ers were struggling immensely. This led to Coach Nick Nurse calling for a timeout to regroup with his players. Near the end of the first half, the Knicks had already tallied up as many as 23 fast-break points, and 12 threes. And with just a minute and a half remaining, the Knicks led by 20 points over Philadelphia (69-49).

While Randle was still struggling (1-8 from the field), the Knicks still managed to close out the first half with a 20-point lead over the 76ers (75-55).

In the third quarter, the Knicks had an entirely different look offensively and defensively. It was safe to say that the Knicks were struggling a lot here. Brunson picked up where he left off and opened up the quarter with two points of his own. Maxey answered back with a difficult perimeter three, largely contested by Hartenstein. Meanwhile, Randle’s tough shooting night continued, as he shot 1-11 from the field by the end of the third. He was well below his regular 24.4 ppg, but the Knicks still maintained a healthy lead over the 76ers.

When looking at the three-ball from both teams, Kelly Oubre Jr. and DiVincenzo had no problem with hitting more threes in this quarter. Even after DiVincenzo’s sixth three-point attempt, he showed hustle by chasing down his own rebound and had OG secure the second-chance point. As for Embiid, he started to percolate in this quarter. His mid-range shots were connecting and he even had an emphatic slam here. By the end of the third, Embiid placed 28 points, eight rebounds, and two assists on the board. Knicks’ big man, Isaiah Hartenstein, also hit a season-high by the third with 13 points, six rebounds, and three assists.

Halfway through the third quarter, DiVincenzo wracked up four fouls and ultimately had to check out because of this. With five minutes remaining, Embiid scored eight points in a row for his team while still trailing behind the Knicks. Philadelphia started to get closer to New York’s lead with just over four and a half minutes remaining (88-74). Brunson also showed great strength as a team player, absorbing contact for a charge regardless of who was coming. With just over two minutes remaining, Philadelphia was on a 7-0 run and the Knicks remained scoreless since 7:20.

Despite New York not being able to connect most of their passes nor their shots in this unlucky quarter, they were still in control of the lead over Philadelphia by 17 points (93-76). Thus, the 76ers failed to capitalize on an inefficient quarter by the Knicks.

In the fourth quarter, the Knicks were undefeated. With 9:15 minutes remaining, Grimes knocked two back-to-back threes. He put up all of 18 points and five rebounds, shooting 4-6 from three, and 6-9 from the field in the final quarter. On top of that, Josh Hart was marvelous tonight off the boards, securing 15 rebounds. The Knicks were putting away this game with almost a 40-point lead with just under three minutes to go. At some point, the Knicks went on a 29-9 run over the 76ers. Thus, the reserves made an early appearance for the Knicks in tonight’s matchup. The Knicks dominated tonight with the final score of 128-92 over the 76ers.

All in all, the Knicks were terrific tonight with seven Knicks putting up double-digit points. The biggest takeaway was Brunson with a 30-piece and 4-9 threes. Grimes with 18 points, eight rebounds, and shooting 4-9 threes. McBride with 15 points, four assists, and 4-6 from three. Josh Hart with 15 magnificent boards. DiVincenzo with 14 points, shooting 4-6 from threes. And Hartenstein with a new season high of 17 points, six rebounds, and five assists, shooting 8-9 from the field.

Despite Embiid catching fire with 30 points and 10 assists, as well as Maxey’s 27 points, nine assists, and four rebounds, and Kelly Oubre Jr.’s 15 points, 3-6 threes, and seven rebounds, Philadelphia just could not keep up with New York tonight.

Next up, the New York Knicks will go on the road and will be facing the Washington Wizards tomorrow at 7:00 PM E.T.

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