Allen was a G League standout for Boston’s developmental affiliate and played with Knicks two-way signee Trier at the University of Arizona.

The Knicks signed Kadeem Allen, a former 2017 second-round pick by the Boston Celtics, on Wednesday. Prior to the NBA, Allen transferred to the University of Arizona from a Hutchinson Community College where he was Junior College Player of the Year.

Allen, a former two-way contract player for the Celtics is a 6-foot-3 guard who will most likely end up playing in Westchester with his former teammate Allonzo Trier. Last season, Allen earned All-Defensive first team honors while averaging 17.7 points, 5.5 rebounds, and 4.9 assists. That’s not a bad résumé for someone fighting to get into the NBA.

Throughout his 18 games played for the Maine Claws’ NBA counterpart, the Boston Celtics, Allen averaged 1.1 points on 5.9 minutes, barely enough to assess his overall ability on that level. The Knicks adding him to the slew of training camp pit fighters is inline with GM Scott Perry’s philosophy of corralling young players with potential to the Knicks organization. Doing the same with their G League affiliate would be a smart choice.

At the very least Allen has the esteem of stepping foot on the court as an NBA player, a step up from a big chunk of G League talent, and will serve as a benchmark for players who may have a future contributing in the main league one day.

Allen is one of two signings in as many days, Noah Vonleh being the other. Although his and Vonleh’s deals are likely only partially guaranteed, anything can happen during training camp. Also, who knows what moves Perry has planned before the beginning of the season—these signings look like the antecedents to a team gearing up for a depth-depleting trade. Or, quite possibly, a very interesting training camp.